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Information may be classified into truths and facts.  Facts are often mistaken for truths.  This is one of the principal causes of confusion, even more so today.  It is vital that these two must be clearly defined and understood to avoid making situations worse than they may already be.

A truth is unchanging and it is self-evident; it does not require explanation.  A fact, on the other hand, changes and will require explanation.

Let me elucidate: “I was born” is a statement of truth.  No amount of time will change that and it does not need explanation.  “I am not hungry” is a statement of fact.  I may not be hungry now but (because I am alive) I will eventually become hungry.

Moreover, the truth must not be confused with what is true.  Facts may be true (for a specific time period) but they may not be the truth.  Facts are more encompassing; all truths are facts but not all facts are truths.  And, just as the truth and what is true are different, so it is with facts and what is factual.

With that introduction, it absolutely essential that truths be accepted (without question, but make sure they are truths) but facts must be clearly understood before being accepted.  If it is not clear, it is our right to demand an explanation.  If the explanation is denied, either due to the inability of the provider to give an explanation or to the refusal of the provider, then the information must be rejected.

This is where all subsequent posts shall be guided.  I welcome all comments and queries and it will be my solemn vow to be truthful to the best of my abilities and knowledge.  I also welcome corrections that I may have inadvertently make but I reserve the right to discern the veracity of the correction and accept or reject it.


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