May 11 post – Do not put anything…

There are many guiding thoughts in healthy living.  Among them are: (1) Do not put anything on your skin that you should not otherwise put in your mouth; and, (2) Do not put anything in your mouth that you should not swallow.

In the first, never be led to believe that what you put on your skin will not enter your body.  One of the best arguments here is the nicotine patch.  (For those who may not know, a nicotine patch is one of those some smokers use to try and help them quit smoking.  Since the nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes, to minimize, if not altogether eliminate, the urge to smoke, people use the nicotine patch.  It is placed at an inconspicuous part of your skin.  The nicotine content in the patch is slowly absorbed through the skin and this, supposedly, substitutes for the nicotine in cigarettes and so keeps smokers from reaching for a cigarette.)  Well, if the nicotine in the patch can be absorbed through the skin, so can anything else that you put on your skin – short of anything (non-solid) that has molecules too large to pass through.

So, if you put sunscreen, deodorants, cosmetics, and whatever on your skin; rest assured that some of it will definitely be absorbed into your body.  And most of those mentioned contain toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Moreover, sunscreens/sunblocks have another harmful and dangerous side effect, they contribute a lot to increasing the incidence of osteoporosis.  Why?  How?  Since our skin needs sunlight to manufacture vitamin D, blocking the sun’s light prevents our skin from producing vitamin D.  And, vitamin D is vital to bone health, along with fat (because vitamin D is fat-soluble and it must be dissolved in fat before it can be used by the body), with calcium, and with weight-bearing exercise.  These four items are integral and vital to bone health; any one of them is missing and your bones suffer.  (AND DON’T BELIEVE FOR A MOMENT THAT THE STORE-BOUGHT VITAMIN D IS OF ANY VALUE, HEALTHWISE.)

As for the second, do not think either that, as long as you spit it out, you are safe – as in the case of mouth washes and toothpastes and dental fillings and oral braces.  One of the best arguments for this is the old way of using digitalis (nitroglycerine tablets) for emergency heart seizure situations.  In the “old” days, we once used digitalis (inserted sublingually or under the tongue) of a suspected cardiac arrest victim.  It works almost instantly, the victim stabilizes.

This is because the region under the tongue has the most capillary-rich areas of our skin.  The digitalis active ingredient readily and quickly enters the bloodstream (bypassing the digestive system) through the capillaries.  When you brush your teeth and use mouthwash (and these products have a warning on the label like “DO NOT SWALLOW” or “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”), don’t think for a moment that your body did not absorb any of the harmful ingredients – just because you spit it out.  So, think about this the next time you enjoy that minty fresh breath from all that brushing of your teeth or that swishing around and that gargling of your favorite fruit-flavored mouthwash.  The longer those toxic chemicals stay in your mouth, the more of it is absorbed through your capillaries under your tongue (and gums).

Use your common sense whenever you deal with artificial or manmade products, especially if they are for commercial purposes.  And, by the way, TRICLOSAN – according to health articles – converts into chloroform the moment it comes in contact with water; and, chloroform is classified as a carcinogen.

P.S.: My next post will be about how much exercise is ideal and healthful.

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