May 25 post – Misconceptions & Deceptions (Part 2)

Let us start this post off with a simple case of logic or common sense.  We cannot give what we do not have, right?  If I don’t have a house, I cannot give you a house.  If I don’t have a car, I cannot give you a car.  If I don’t have a cold, I cannot give you a cold.  Makes sense, right?

Conventional or mainstream experts say that your hypertension came from your parent because s/he has hypertension, that your diabetes came from your parent because s/he has diabetes, that your cancer came from your parent because s/he has cancer.  It is all hereditary.  Sounds logical.  But wait…

Where did my parent get his/her hypertension, his/her diabetes, his/her cancer?  From their parent/s, naturally.  Granting that is so, where did they get it?  From their parent/s and so on.  Now, if we extend that argument back far enough, we will arrive at an ancestor that did not have hypertension, diabetes, nor cancer.  So, how did they get it, who passed it on to them?  I thought it was hereditary.

Moreover, when it comes to heredity, the pattern should be maintained.  If my parent got his/her disease at age 40, I should get it at around that age too.  But why are more and more young people getting these so-called “lifestyle diseases” at ever younger ages?  Could it be because of something else?

Consider something that can be passed on from generation to generation that is ubiquitous but mostly goes unnoticed…diet.  With the exception of infants (and, perhaps, children with special needs), the diet of the parents will also likely be the diet of the children.  It would seem unusual if the parents and the children will not be eating the same food.  Don’t tell me, when you were a kid, you ate differently from your parents.  Imagine living in the same house and preparing different foods for each person; it will be like living in a restaurant.

If my disease comes from diet, it is very likely that the diet that cause the disease in a parent will also appear in my children.  Further, since the child will be exposed to the diet at an earlier age, it would be logical that the children get the disease earlier.  You did not get the disease when you were young because your diet when you were a kid was different from when you got married and had children.

Why, because a person’s diet changes are certain stages of life.  Most people have a different diet when they were children as compared to that when s/he becomes an adult – the taste buds begin to discriminate.  It further changes (at least slightly) when the person gets married, because the diet of the spouse will influence the other’s.

In addition, I would like to think that when God decided to create Adam and Eve (for non-Christians, please bear with me) it was because He wanted to share the joy of living.  And, what joy will there be if He intentionally added diseases into Adam and Eve so they can pass them to their offsprings.  I don’t know about yours, but my God is not that cruel nor have such a twisted and morbid sense of humor.

So, for the sake of argument, these “lifestyle” disease really came from our lifestyle, physicians (not doctors*) claim – actually parrot is more accurate – the dogma that there is no cure.  All they can do is to put you on a maintenance protocol for the rest of your life.

How can it be that there is no cure?  Isn’t it logical that things that have a beginning must have an end?  I began (when I was born), ergo I must end (when I die).  A story has a beginning, so it must have an end.  A road has a beginning, so it must have an end.  The only thing I know that has no end is a circle, but that it is because it has no (discernable) beginning.  (For Christians, we can include God; He has no beginning, therefore He has no end.)

So, how do we end our “lifestyle” disease?  By identifying the root cause of it all – we have to address the cause of the disease.  Unless and until we solve the cause, there will be no end – which is precisely what mainstream medicine is espousing.

When you have a leak in your faucet and the floor is getting wet, you don’t solve the problem by covering the floor with rags; you fix the leak.  The same logic should be applied to “lifestyle” diseases.  To end your “lifestyle” disease, we should find out what caused it.  Until such time, mainstream medicine dogma will remain undisproven.

As to exactly how we will go about “curing or reversing” our lifestyle disease will depend on many factors, primary of which are (1) which particular “lifestyle” disease it is and (2) how determined are you.  To go into details will be too much for this blog, but we can tackle it on another venue.

In my next post, I shall continue with this topic and take up other questions, like “Why does plaque form in arteries and seldom do we hear it form in veins?”, like “Why does plaque form in the big blood vessels but seldom to we hear about them in the tiny capillaries?”, and like “I am eating all the right and healthy foods but why am not as healthy as I should be?”


*Doctor comes from the latin word “docere” which means to teach.  In the words of Thomas Lodi (I heard it first from him), a person who heals is called a physician, one who teaches is called a doctor.  So, unless and until the physician teaches us how not to get sick again, he has no right to be referred to as a doctor, but just a physician.  DOCTORS TEACH!

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