June 3 post – Don’t just eat, eat local and in season

I shall digress from the series of posts on misconceptions and deceptions for a while and talk about eating correctly.

Have you ever wondered why, despite eating “correctly”, you are still not healthy as you ought to be?  Many are led to believe that all they have to do to be healthy is eat right – but they are not aware of what “eating right” really is.

The key to being really healthy (and fit) is to be in harmony with nature.  We must unlearn what we have been “taught” and go back to our ancestral ways.  We have to relearn how to live within what nature intended for us.

It is essential that we realized and/or understand that nature is balanced.  Good and bad are defined by and in nature not by whether something benefits or harms but by its harmonic relationship to its environment.  Bad is when one is out of place or out of sync with nature.  It is for this reason that there are predators.  Their role is to restore and/or maintain equilibrium.

When a plant is “sick”, it is out of place; insects and diseases move in to break it down – eliminating the imbalance.  A healthy plant will not be attacked by disease nor by pests or, when attacked, will be able to fend off the assault by producing its own “natural pesticides”.  When an animal is “sick” or “weak”, a predator kills and eats it – restoring the balance.  Only the weak or the sickly animals are caught and eaten – by lions, by sharks, by vultures, etc.  So it is with man.  When man becomes out of sync with nature, disease and parasites move in.  Sickness and maladies come in when there is imbalance.  Imbalance can arise either from deficiency or from excess.

When our bodies do not get the correct nutrients it needs, we suffer deficiencies.  These manifest in the form of diseases – like scurvy, like rickets, like osteoporosis.  Excess also manifest as diseases – like diabetes mellitus, like obesity, like hypertension.  Moreover, when our bodies are imbalanced, parasites and fungi and a host of maladies set in.  One chemical manifestation that our bodies are not balanced is when it is acidic.  Cancers thrive in acidic environments – this the reason why injecting a sodium bicarbonate solution directly into a mass of cancer cells kill the cells but leaves adjacent healthy cells unaffected.  And, sugar (i.e., refined and/or highly-processed) make our bodies very acidic.  [Actually, the term sugar is not accurate.  The more precise term is HFCS or high-fructose corn syrup.  Sugar has been loosely and unjustly applied to many medical and health conditions where the real culprit is HFCS.]

So, where does the title of this post come in?

As mentioned earlier, all in nature is balanced.  Certain plants and animals are unique and native to a certain geographical location because they “fit” there – they establish and maintain the location’s ecological balance.  Ecological niches are so highly specialized that any external cause for an imbalance can mean an irreversible destruction – like the rainforests.  Rainforests are highly specialized in such a way that its top soil is actually devoid of any nutrient.  Dead and dying organic matter is immediately broken down so it can be re-integrated into new life structures.  Cutting down rainforest will not yield rich agricultural land – but deserts.

In nature, plants and animals consume whatever is in their surroundings.  They do not eat what is not found in their environment; the difference is the expanse of their environment.  In the case of limited-range animals – like koalas – their “world” is confined to the eucalyptus tree they inhabit, but for the whales, all the oceans are their domain.  When plants and animals begin to consume what is not “dictated” by nature, they get sick.  Our cats and dogs are carnivores, they are not intended to eat pet foods and treats.  This is why they get sick and must be cared for constantly.  Their relatives in the wild do not need veterinarians because they eat what nature dictates, hence they do not get sick.

So, to answer the question about how beneficial to our health is the apple; it depends on who is eating it.  For people where apples are indigenous, it is healthy for them.  For the rest, there may be no harm but the full benefit will not be obtained.  Likewise, it is said that red wine is good for the heart.  However, that is true only for Europeans and people whose ancestors drank red wine.  For most of Asians, red wine has little health value.  This is consistent with the growing movement of “eating local”.  The principle there is to eat what grows around you.  For migrants to distant places, it may be “acceptable” to still eat what has been accustomed to.  However, over the course of time, the diet must gradually shift to those in the surroundings.

In addition, in the previous post, it was also noted that people must live in places where their skin tone dictates.  As mentioned in the previous post, the proportional incidence of osteoporosis among African-Americans is larger in comparison to fair-skinned Caucasians precisely because their darker skin tones is more adapted to life in the tropics.  Their continued living in temperate climate is detrimental to them, bonewise.  Since the sun’s rays are less intense, their skin is having difficulty manufacturing the vitamin D vital to bone health.  Taking vitamin D supplements is a palliative measure and a costly one at that.  Moreover, if the wrong vitamin D form is taken, the effort is wasted.  The bio-compatible and bio-avaliable form is vitamin D3; most vitamin D supplements are the D2 form.  If you let your skin do its job, you will never get the wrong form.

Just as important to eating local is eating in season.  Certain foods appear during certain times of the year and/or under certain climatic conditions only.  It is there to address an imbalance that occurs naturally.  For example, during summer, when the temperature is hot, our body loses more water.  It is, therefore, vital to keep well-hydrated.  However, since it is not easy to drink a lot of bland water, nature conveniently provides us with flavored water – in the form of watermelons, melons, citrus fruits, coconuts, and all those watery fruits.  It is not wise to consume food that is not in season.  Not only are they less nutritious but their consumption may upset the balance of your body.  The idea is the same as taking medicine when one is not sick.  This is why the whole idea of vaccination is not only dangerous but utterly inane and serve only the purposes of the vaccine makers – which is profit.

Finally, the bonus in eating local is that you will be eating fresh.  Business has distorted the definition of fresh and have twisted it to suit their corporate ends.  The true essence of fresh is that the duration from the time of taking (picking or harvest – for fruits and vegetables – or slaughter – for animals) to consumption must be short, not exceeding an hour.  One of the reasons why breast milk is healthy is that it is fresh – it is produced upon demand.  Something that has been sitting on the store shelf even for one minute is no longer fresh – not to mention that it is not clean, due to the multiple contacts it underwent from the moment it was picked/harvested/slaughtered to the packaging facility to the shelf; the many hands that it passed through.

In my next post, I shall return to Misconceptions and Deceptions, focusing on diabetes, sugar, and sweets.


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