July 13 post – Snake Oil Medicines

“Snake oil” (applied to medicine today) refers to a substance that is being touted to have curative properties but is implied to be fraudulent, ineffective, or quackery.

In order to be considered true medicine, a substance must possess the following qualities: (1) it must cure or address and resolve a disease or medical condition (depending on the severity) within a reasonable duration – and not preemptive, as in vaccines; (2) there must be an end to its usage or application (only food is intended to be taken for one’s entire lifetime and medication is  definitely not food); and, (3) it must not have detrimental effects (at most, only temporary discomfort) to health.  All these essential qualities are absent from modern allopathic medicine, especially those that are intended for so-called lifestyle disease.

Conventional medicines designed for lifestyle diseases (1) alleviate or address the symptoms, rather than the disease; (2) (ergo) are intended to be taken for the rest of a patient’s life – (conveniently) claiming that there is no cure or are still in the process of looking for one (despite the fact that the search has lasted for decades, with no end in sight); and, (3) have side effects ranging from adverse reactions to organ damage (commonly the liver and the kidneys).  Every important quality of a true medicine is absent or violated by modern allopathic medicine.

Moreover, modern medicine repetitively (to the point of ad nauseum infinitum) emphasize and demand that medicine must be evidence-based, yet it has already been shown (also repeatedly) that (at most) only 10 per cent of studies and clinical trials are successful and that only the successful ones get published.  Because of this, it gives the impression that a certain drug or therapy or protocol is very effective, when, in reality, they represent barely a tenth of tests and studies conducted (90 per cent have all been failures).

The “genius” behind this Big Pharma scam is to ensure that no one gets well – after all, a healthy patient is not a profitable patient.  By addressing the symptom instead of the disease, Big Pharma is guaranteed of repeat business.  And, by ensuring that the patient does not get well from their so-called medicine, there will always be a market.  Although Big Pharma would like to have you as a customer forever, no one lives forever.  Therefore, they will have to settle for until you die, but not until they have siphoned as much of your money into their pockets as they possibly can.

In addition, Big Pharma has schemed up an even fiendish hoax to get more money from gullible people, even those who are healthy.  Campaigns and foundations are set up to get people to donate money under the pretext of finding a cure for a particular disease…eventually.  One prime example is the fraudulent “hunt” for a cure for breast cancer, which began more than a quarter of a century ago.  A few years after it began, we were told that a cure is within sight, that we are the verge of finding a cure.  More than two decades later, where is it?  The promise of a cure is still anybody’s guess.  The same promise has been iterated over and over and has remained a promise ever since.

And, as if pushing “snake oil” to trusting and/or desperate patients was not enough to be ashamed of, Big Pharma is now fear-mongering (borderline) healthy people into becoming “patients” under the guise of preventive or anticipative medicine – i.e., take their worthless toxic chemicals to forestall the onset of a full-blown disease, like pre-hypertension and like pre-diabetes.  However, common sense tells us that not only is taking medication when one does not have a disease or medical condition is useless (because there is still nothing to cure), but it could be risky (as it may even harm your health).

Finally, it is important to remember that the First or Original and Only True Healer is the Lord; and He is an Arbolario (or Natural Medicine advocate).  He has provided us with all these wonderful and amazing herbs and natural compounds to keep us healthy and alive.  In his arrogance, man (through allopathic medicine) thinks he can improve on perfection – allopathic medicine is an implicit challenge or contradiction to the God’s wisdom and power, that there is a flaw in His creations, that He forgot something, that man is superior because he can correct God’s deficiencies or errors.


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