for July 22 post – Clean Air and the Anti-smoking Campaign

It’s been quite a while since the Clean Air Act has been enacted and in place.

Admittedly, every one wants clean air, but the process of going about ensuring that all have clean air is all wrong.  It is being done with accommodations to business and industry.  If we are really determined to clean up the air – at least from the smoking aspect – the most logical step is not to impose restrictions and limitations on where people can smoke.  This method is a palliative.  At best, it only minimally reduce or delay the inevitable.  The air is still getting worse, just at a bit slower rate.

If we are really sincere in cleaning the air, outlaw or criminalize the manufacture of cigarettes.  After all, it has already been proven (over and over again) that they are not only extremely hazardous to health (ours and others’) but create a lot of trash and waste a lot of natural and human resources that could have otherwise been put to better use.

It does not make sense for the government to permit the production of cigarettes then enact a law and conduct campaigns that go against cigarettes.  Imagine the time, money, and effort spent by both the cigarette maker and the government (and the NGOs) in fighting each other.  If the government did not permit cigarettes to be manufactured in the first place, there would be no need to spend so much resources trying to combat a scourge and dissuade people from buying it.  And, so much time, money, and effort will have been spared from being wasted; all the unproductive down time due to illness, all the home budgets squandered on pharmaceuticals and medicines, all the sorrow and suffering from the disabilities and deaths that result.

Finally, for the sake of argument, the government permits the manufacture and sale of a product that has been (repeatedly and preponderantly) shown to not only be hazardous or toxic to health but damaging to the environment, what is keeping the same government from approving the production and sale of (say) dangerous drugs?  Moreover, why is counterfeiting and theft or violations of patents or of copyright laws or of intellectual property rights prohibited when they are not hazardous to health?  It looks like it is a matter of “the bottom line”.  For as long as money is to be made, the h*** with health and with morality and with the environment and with justice and with whatever.


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