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for August 23 post – Being health-conscious is not being healthy

In a recent event, a celebrity endorser suffered a “mild” stroke.  The celebrity is known to be a health buff, someone who is not only vibrant and energetic but also prides himself as a health buff – endorsing health products … Continue reading

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Aug 5 post – Accountability of Endorsers

It is common practice in business to get celebrity endorsers for a product or service.  This is a manifestation of the inferiority of the product or service, for if a product or service is superior, it will be able to … Continue reading

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Aug 2 post – Appointing a Public Servant

In the Philippines (I don’t know about other countries), it is common practice for the Chief Executive to appoint some senators and congressmen (even governors and mayors, etc) to the cabinet, to other executive department positions, and to government-controlled agencies … Continue reading

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