Aug 2 post – Appointing a Public Servant

In the Philippines (I don’t know about other countries), it is common practice for the Chief Executive to appoint some senators and congressmen (even governors and mayors, etc) to the cabinet, to other executive department positions, and to government-controlled agencies and institutions.

Superficially, this seems innocent.  However, for some of the more insightful people, this appears to be an abandonment of duty.  Imagine, after all the campaigning, all the promises made, and all the efforts to persuade the voting constituents to trust him/her with a public office, and winning the desired elected positio, s/he ups and leaves the people without representation.

Are there no other equally (if not better) qualified people to “populate” those appointed positions than from Congress?  Even if the reason is personal knowledge and trust in the person, in that case that person should not have campaigned and wait to be appointed.

In other words, if I were a voter of an elected public official, in the next election period, if and when s/he campaigns for my vote again, I will no longer vote for him/her.

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