July 29 post – Multiple Salaries

It is unethical for anyone to receive more than one salary – especially in government.  By formalizing it into a law, this will reveal who are really for service to the people (and who are only interested in the financial gains and perks).  Moreover, no per diems or any form of compensation or renumeration should be paid for any service of a government employee that are work-related; it should already be built-in into the compensation.  Any and all additional compensation to be awarded should only be given when work is being rendered outside of the job description or function and duties and responsibilities assigned with the work – in other words, above and beyond of what is expected.  [In principle, per diems and such forms of compensation are the equivalent of the overtime pay of laborers.  They are being compensated extra because they are being required to work beyond the work period.  In the case of executives and management, since they (usually) do not have overtime work, no such compensation should be given.  [Overtime, here, is defined as work done outside of the usual business or work hours.]  Moreover, no one in government service should receive a total compensation package greater than that of the President – or even the Vice-President.

In exceptional cases, where an individual is occupying more than one office or position in government service, the highest compensation shall be awarded.  The other salaries and compensations shall be credited into the National Treasury as savings or donations.

Although this will not be able to eradicate the draining of financial resources, there should be a drastic reduction.  Further, graft and corruption can still exist when the government employee uses his/her position and/or influence to obtain contracts and projects that will result in their receiving additional earnings.  However, since it is the practice of business to award some kind of agent’s or finder’s or referral fee, since the contract or project was brokered by a government employee during his/her tenureship, such awardings shall be considered property of the state – if the award is monetary, then it goes to the national coffers; if it is in kind, it shall be turned over the national museum (as property of the state, somewhat similar to the gifts to the US President is put in the president’s library after the term of office).

It is immoral for an employer to pay an employee compensation that cannot support a reasonable family of 5-6 (parents, children, grandparents).  No matter how menial or insignificant a job is, honest work should be compensated justly.  It is immoral to put profits and capital ahead of man – under any circumstance.

What is happening today is that labor has been commoditized by business and is looked upon as a liability or expenditure instead of as an asset – as it ought to be (please read up a brief primer on “Buddhist Economics” by E F Schumacher: http://www.smallisbeautiful.org/pdf/buddhist_economics/english.pdf).


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