Dec 13 2010 – Like a true mother

It’s been a while since I updated (posted something new to) my blog.  I still do not have anything to post that is of substantial importance … except for this short one.

In the light of the developments in Cancun and having read the first paragraph of “Reading the Coca Leaves: Climate Change, Cancun and Bolivia”, by Bedea Benjamin, in the Commondreams web site (, I cried a little.

Like a true mother, our planet continues to “do its best” to nurture and provide for us despite and inspite of what we are doing to “her”.

Like a true mother, “she” suffers as we continue to inflict pain on “her”.  The devastating climate catastrophes are not meant to hurt us.  Instead, it is “her” attempt to restore equilibrium to the imbalance we do and continue to do in order that “she” can continue with her responsibility and struggle to provide and support “her children”.

And, like the ingrates that we are, we continue to ignore “her plight” and ravage all that “she” has to offer, in our mindless and blind quest of ever-increasing greed and dissatisfaction.

I grieve for our planet as I beg for forgiveness from “her”.  I am sorry.


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