Post for May 8-14 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Medicine, to be effective, must be body mass-dependent.  In many instances, many studies and trials come up with conflicting results not only among and between themselves but even within the raw data.  One possible explanation could be that the dosage is not commensurate to the body mass.

By accident and sheer coincidence, a case where a dosage was prescribed to a child did not work – at first.  When a larger dose (an adult dose) was given, it worked.  The rationale behind this was not due to the repetition but because the child was big for his age.  The age-based dose was not effective because the child had the body built of that for an adult – so an adult dose was given, which worked.

The argument here is due to the fact that there is no such thing as an “intelligent” dose – unless we come up with a way to keep the dose inert on its way as we guide it to the intended target before releasing its load.  The reason behind body mass-dependent dosing is because the dose does go straight to the intended target.  And, while it is being circulated throughout the body, it loses effectivity because, along the way, everything in its path gets “a piece of the action”.  By the time the dose reaches the intended target, much of its potency would have dissipated.  A body mass-dependent dose ensures that there is enough to be scattered throughout the body that still possess the needed potency when the intended target is reached.  However, this is where allopathic medicines are not only dangerous but are proven to be fatal at times.

As the chemical-base allopathic drug is distributed throughout the body, since it is a “toxic”, the entire body is being “poisoned”.  Oftentimes, the body is strong enough to withstand the toxic effects.  Side effects are frequently the result of a weakened body being “attacked” by a toxic substance, one of the most common of which is inflammation (as with fevers, with allergies, with arthritis, with hypertension, with so many so-called lifestyle diseases.

TaN: Happiness is a choice.  True happiness is permanent; it is forever.  True happiness is what everyone seeks but most cannot seem to find.  This is, primarily, because of a misundertstanding or of a misconception of what true happiness mean.  By knowing what true happiness it, it becomes possible to know where to seek and achieve it.

To paraphrase a popular tale: In preparation for the arrival of a new occupant in an elderly care or nursing home, a room was prepared.  Because the only available room is at the end of a long dimly-lit and gloomy hall and the room had only a tiny window facing a tiny corner of a yard cluttered with discarded things, the receiving nurse – who prepared the room – tried her best not to give the new elderly occupant false hopes about the room.  On arrival, all along the long slow walk to the room, the receiving nurse carefully describes the conditions of the room in order to soften the disappointment when the room is seen.

However, as the nurse was describing the room details one at a time, the elderly, after each detail, kept saying, “Oh, how wonderful.”  Because things are not going as hoped, the nurse, out of curiosity and concern, asked, “After all the unpleasant conditions I have been describing, why do you keep saying that it is ‘wonderful’?”

To this, the elderly answered, “It is because happiness is a choice.  No matter what and despite all your descriptions, I choose to be happy.  It is my choice.  I do not let the things around me determine my happiness.”

And that is what true happiness is.  As Buddha (I think, I hope I’m not misquoting) once said, “Do not look outside for what is inside.”  You will never find something if you look in the wrong place/s.  This is why most people go through life looking for things to make them happy – going from one success to the next, from one relationship to the next, from one achievement to the next, from one life event to the next.  After achieving one goal, they (think they) are happy, but that happiness is temporary and fleeting.  Soon, it is off to the next one, desperately searching for the next “happiness” after the previous has lost its effect, its “spike”, its “high”, its “exhiliration”.

This is the basis for the statement, “When we are looking for something, why do we always find it in the last place we look?”  It is because, once you find what you are looking for, you Stop Looking.  They try to find happiness from things around them, when, all along, it is inside them – CONTENTMENT, SATISFACTION.

TaN: Only the sick/diseased person can cure his/her own sickness/disease.  It is blatant arrogance and sheer ignorance when someone claims to cure another of a sickness/disease.  [BTW, there is a distinction between sickness and disease.  Sickness has an external cause while disease has an internal origin – like getting sick due to the influenza virus and being diseased with cancer.  Further, FYI, “disease” means “dis-ease”, which means that there is discomfort or not being at ease, and not necessarily equates to sickness/illness.  This leads many so-called healers to fatally mistake it as something to be “cured” (which frequently prove detrimental and even fatal to ther patient-victim) and to their unconscious admission that “there is no cure”.]

All living things have the innate ability to restore internal equlibrium to ensure survival and to preserve life – i.e., heal itself.  This ability is imbued in or rests on the immune system.  The immune system is tasked to defend the internal environment of the body against forces and threats to undermine the body’s survival and existence – utilizing and sequestering any and all resources to attain and achieve its prime directive.

In the case of sickness and of disease, the resources it will require depends on the nutritive value of food.  The nutritive content of food are its raw materials and its weapons.  Eating an unbalanced food – to say the least, unhealthy food (such as processed and unnatural foods like vitamins and supplements manufactured from crude oil and from coal) – leaves the immune system inutile to defend the body.  It is likened to sending a solider into battle with nary a weapon (as in nutritionless and junk food) nor any training (as in vaccinations).  Without a weapon, the immune system has nothing to fight with, while vaccination “robs” the immune system of the training (think childhood diseases and the occasional and seasonal cold and fever, why do they occur only during childhood?).  With no experience fighing off invaders, not even the ability to recognize them, the immune system may even mistake the body as the enemy (this could be one explanation for arthritis).

However, if we provide the immune system with what it needs, it is perfectly capable of fending off threats.  This is, precisely, the basis of the argument that only the sick/diseased is responsible and capable of healing him/herself, and no one, not even a so-called physician, can be credited to cure or heal anyone.  The best that (and the truth about what) can be done is to assist and facilitate the sick/diseased, by providing him/her with all the necessary information and proper food and lifestyle change to enable the latter (i.e., his/her body’s immune system) to cure him/herself.

TaN: It is not only inconsiderate and unethical but downright selfish and inhumanely cruel for food and essentials to be manufactured and produced in huge quantities and deprive the locals of even a little “taste” of the fruits of their labor.  This is, precisely, the “evil” in exporting for the sake of exporting (and not because the local demand has already been satisfied and the exports are excesses not from intentional overproduction).


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