Post for Jun 26-Jul 2 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Man claims to be intelligent and even put together the phrase, Why re-invent the wheel.  However, most of our activities that deal with so-called advacements and development are precisely that – re-inventions.  There is not a single “invention” that came from an original thought of man.  All our “inventions”, “innovations”, and “bright ideas” have already been “thought of” by nature.

Nature’s solar cells are leaves; nature’s computers are brains; nature’s helicopters are hummingbirds and insects; nature’s night lights are fireflies, glow worms, and bioluminescence; nature’s batteries are electric eels and catfish; nature’s diving bells are nests of the diving spider; nature’s clones are multiple identical births (twins, etc); and, nature’s engineers and dams are beavers and beaver dams, respectively – and so forth.  There is nothing we can imagine or conceive that nature has not already done – either it exists today (because the design is successful) or existed before (failure of an experiment that resulted in extinction).

TaN: Patents and similar restrictive grants should only be applied to (original) innovative creations.  Since the verb “create” means that something came into existence where before there was none, a “creation” would, ergo, be something original.  Inserting or splicing genes from one species to another cannot be considered a creation rather than of a modification or alteration.  Something “patentable” should and can be applied only to purely manmade things – like chairs and tables.  As the saying goes, Only God creates, man merely re-arranges.  So, unless and until man is capable of creating, he has no right to patent anything.  Only God holds the patents to all that is the universe – all matter and all energy.  The nearest to a patentable thing man can claim are his ideas – but they have to be original and not based on experiences from the non manmade things.

TaN: Food is for eating; do not play with your food.  Though there is nothing immoral nor unethical about turning food in to art, food main purpose is for nourishment – for the body.  Personally, I find it not only a waste of time, but even a waste of talent and terribly expensive, the way so-called chefs take so much effort and thought into transforming food into visual feasts for the eyes but barely satisfy the stomach.

For me, it should always be: form should follow function, never the other way around.  I would not mind it so much if the gastronoimic masterpiece was filling, but I consider it dumber than dumb to pay a high price for a teensy-weensy morsel on a humongous plate, over decorated with strands and strings of whatever.  Such chefs and such situations are more than enough proof that there are many people with too much time on their hands and even more people with no sense of the function of money – as they say, a fool and his money…  Give me good old fashioned Asian (Chinese) food anytime – just as abundantly decorated with a rainbow of colors while satisfying hunger pangs at a reasonable cost.


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