Post for Jul 3-Jul 9 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Cloning is self-destruction.  Gene splicing and transgenic manipulation is self-destruction.  Genetic modification or alteration is self-destruction.  Even the something as apparently beneficial as introducing alien species into an environment where there are no natural predators – no means of natural control – is self-destruction.  Mining is self-destruction.  Monoculture is self-destruction.  Fossil fuel extraction and related forms of retrieving from deep below the ground, especially in massive quantities, is self-destructive.  Irresponsible extraction or use of deep well (resulting in saltwater intrusion) is self-destructive.  Any form of unnatural interference by man on the natural equilibrium of nature is self-destruction.

Cloning is not a uniquely human achievement and nature has not only preempted us but even done it much better.  In nature, clones are not only limited but they are not totally identical.  With man, our clones number in the thousands – if not millions – due to reasons of commercialization and profits.  Moreover, with clones in such vast numbers and since clones have near-identical genetic sequences, it means that the weakness of one is the weakness of all.  In this sense, it takes just one really deadly disease or infestation to wipe out an entire geographically proximate group of plantations but even the entire clone species.  With population in such great numbers, any vast devastation of a vital segment of food production can cause untold hunger and suffering on billions, causing massive deaths and uncontrollable food riots.  Gene splicing and transgenic manipulation is dangerous and self-destructive.  There are millions or billions of possible combinations from the myriad of DNA amino acid sequences and we have not even begun to determine how each of the sequences behave or influence/dictate what aspect of our biology.  So far, from the limitd secretive experiments and studies made, there is more than ample evidence showing risky (to say the least) and dangerous unanticipated and unimagined health and biological effects that range from as trivial as glowing in the dark (bioluminescence) to a very shortened lifespan and grotesque deformities.  No matter how noble the purpose for engaging in such arrogant and irresponsible endeavors, it is never justified to subject humans nor animals to such experimentations.  And, we don’t have an inkling as to the long-term repercussions, how the tampered genes will behave and react when they are passed on to the next generation – assuming that the altered humans or animals will be fertile to reproduce another generation – which, by all indications, have proven repeatedly and without fail that sterility is a common after effect.

Genetic modification (GM) or alteration is dangerous due to the complexity of the building blocks of life.  As can be gleaned from articles in the alternative press or media, reports are now coming out revealing that GM foods are causing unexpected and unanticipated health effects and the usual “targets” are the kidneys, the liver, the pancreas, and the colon.  There has not been enough studies and tests done to provide a reliably adequate volume of proof that the consumption of GM foods is safe – afterall, even natural food also has its own accompanying risks.  And, among those studies and tests that have been conducted, the duration is shamefully short and are frequently manipulated to produce the desired results or outcomes that will favor corporate greed – precautionary principle be damned.  As time passes and more studies and tests are conducted, there is sure to increasing evidence that GM foods will be unhealthy.  This is because we will never comprehend the full intricacies and the inter-operations of the different proteins and enzymes in DNA double helix strands – altering a single unit and unleashing a flood of untold chemical chain reactions that impact on our health.  Ultimately, spelling our demise, our self-destruction.

Alien (i.e., introduced rather than invasive) species introduction injects unfamiliar biological life forms into an environment where it the non-endemic species have no natural enemies that will control it – often resulting in the alien species spreading rampantly until it becomes a pest or, worse, irreparably alters the equilibrium to such a point that the ecology is detrimentaly damaged.  Even the well-intentioned introduction of an alien species to combat local pests can have devastating consequences, such as the cane toad of Hawaii in Australia to control the scarab beetle infestation.  Unintentional introduction is more frequent and the negative impacts are no less devastating, as in the janitor fish in the Marikina River, the unintentional introduction of rats to the Galapagos wiped out several unique vulnerable species (especially because the Galapagos is an isolated environment which had evolved species that are so specialized that any competition will cause extinction), and more.  It is more catastrophic in cases of totally isolated system like islands.  It becomes self-destructive because, by altering the biological terrain, loss of entire ecosystems may occur and will ultimately unbalance the equilibrium and our vey existence.

Mining is naturally self-destructive because massive excavations not only displace vast amounts of materials and the natural equilibrium is substantially disturbed, if the displacement is significant enough, natural forces and planet dynamics may be altered.  Wind and weather patterns may be shifted, planetary rotation may be thrown off rhythm, gravitational and magnetic influences may be diminished or magnify, toxic or lethal substances (that have been isolated and quanrantined to safeguard terrestial life) may be exposed, and a host of other unforeseen detrimental possibilities may inadvertently unleashed that would have otherwise been encased or entombed.  Going after resources (such as mineral and as energy deposits) – especially if done irresponsibly or without regard – scar the planetary equilibrium, all for the sake of some miniscule amount of material that has “value” only to man.  An example of this would be that it would take “THREE TONS of ore to produce ONE OUNCE of gold” – according to web sites such as  And, this is not yet taking into consideration that toxic chemicals used to extract and refine the ore to get the gold, like the use of cyanide, of mercury, and of corrosive acids which will be discarded into and contaminate or pollute the environment as waste byproducts.  These will all come back to “haunt” us, causing untold and unimaginable suffering and eventually our demise (as a species) – which is why mining is self-destructive (not worth the economic gain that capitalists and businesses are touting).

Monocultural practices in modern agriculture is self-destructive because it is an unnatural situation in nature.  When we take a cursory scan of the immediate surroundings anywhere in nature, it can be easily observed that the vegetation is a hodgepodge or meshwork of a variety of species and not a manicured well-groomed single crop.  A monoculture may be efficient with respect to the concept of mass production but it is an invitation to a massive crop failure in terms of devastation due to pests or diseases.  In other words, in a monoculture, once one plant becomes infected or attacked by pests, it is a small step to the adjacent plants.  In contrast, in nature where same (plant) species are seldom adjacent to each other, it is not easy for a disease or a pest to transfer to the next plant (of the same species) because it will have to traverse other plants.  The intervening species serve as natural barriers preventing the easy spreading of pestilence.  In this sense, a monoculture type of agriculture is prone to crop failures, hence self-destructive.  Deep well extraction of potable (freshwater) is not damaging, per se.  In fact, one of the best sources of clean water is underground.  However, when we abuse this beneficial resource by over-extraction, a vacuum is naturally created in the subterranean reservoir and, if the vacuum become large enough (due to continious and unrelenting over-extraction), something in nature will have to fill the vacuum – because “Nature abhors a vacuum”.  In most cases, that “something” is saltwater.  This condition is called saltwater intrusion.  The once-fresh water begins to be contaminated with more and more saltwater until it becomes unpotable.  In instances where there is no nearby source of salwater to fill the vacuum, another phenomenon may develop – known as sink holes.  The size and extent of damage from a sink hole will depend on several factors – such as the size of the underground freshwater chamber, the size of the vacuum created, the proximity to the surface, the structural integrity of the roof or chamber ceiling, the seismic “active-ness” of the chamber, and other relevant factors.  It is self-destructive because of our dependence on freshwater for our very existence and the natural slow process of nature to recharge underground aquifers in comparison to our rate of extraction.  Unnatural interference by man into the natural equilibrium is self-destructive because man – no matter what he does and how long he does it – will always be part of nature; man cannot exist outside of nature.  To upset the delicate balance is to invite destruction.  It is inevitable that any physical activity will destabilize nature, but nature has a natural mechanism to restore balance.  The more imbalance is “inflicted” on nature, the more nature deploys its drastic natural “measures” to bring back balance – hence the current phenomenon of climate change that is becoming ever more “dramatic”.  As man continues to insist and persist on his disharmonious ways and activities, the more nature will throw everything in its arsenal of options against us in order to restore equilibrium.  The ultimate outcome will be the total annihilation of the planetary scourge (humanity) and nature will be able to “quiet down” again.

And, as an addendum, I invite you to watch this video regarding the meat industry as the biggest contributing factor to global warming and climate change – more than the entire transport industry of the planet ( – with acknowledgement that this video is from the video web site of Mike Adams).


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