Post for Jul 31-Aug 6 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: There is nothing coincidental about nor in the Holy Scriptures.  Everything in it is purposeful and determined.  Even something as “innocent-looking” as the “occupations” of man – as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:28, to wit: “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues” [KJV].

In the said verse, it is interesting to note that, outside of the first two mentioned (which are God-ordained), the highest of earthly occupations mentioned is teaching.  The Lord gives such great value to being a teacher, for s/he is tasked with the great responsibility to shape future generations; the success or the failure of the future rests on a teacher’s shoulders.  No greater burden is there.

And yet, today, teaching – especially in “non-progressive” countries – are among the lowest-valued occupations.  How a nation values its teachers reflects on how it regard its future and its people.

TaN: People’s right to (complete and truthful) information is ABSOLUTE.  It may be delayed, for reasons of national security or emergency and extenuating circumstances, but it must, eventually, be made known to the public.

There are arguments regarding the state being put at risk or in a position of endangerment when certain sensitive information is revealed to the public.  However, it must be remembered that the people make up the state and that the so-called “state” actually refers to the government.  Of all the elements that make up a state – i.e., people, territory (& soverignty), and government – people is the most essential.  Moreover, what happened to all that jibberish about: The truth shall set you free; Walang lihim na hindi mabubunyag; Confession is good for the soul; etc?

Finally, it is admitted that there are occasions that the truth may be delayed, but it should in no way be suppressed – like when the revelation of information puts lives in peril, it is justifiable to delay the publication of information but it must be revealed upon the lapsing of the peril.  Again, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO INFORMATION IS PARAMOUNT AND INVIOLABLE!

TaN: Signs are everywhere.  In a recent (i.e., relative to this writing) news article –, “Earth shaking instead of Shaking Earth“, by Mark Sircus) it tries to explain the causes behind the erratic and catastrophic weather phenomena transpiring all over the planet: prolonged droughts, extensive floodings, new “normals” of high magnitude earthquakes (averaging 5.4 to 6.0), spontaneous forest fires, massive fishkills and wildlife die-offs & extinctions, increasing encounters between man and wildlife, mile-wide and multiple funnel tornadoes, oceanic dead zones, freak hailstorms and blizzards, etc.

In an earlier article (, the sun supposedly rose two days ahead of expectation – in the most westerly town of Greenland, Ilulissat.  In would appear that after an extended dark period of one-and-a-half months of winter darkness should have “ended” with the sun rising on January 13 (this year).  Instead, the sun rose on January 11.  The official explanation is that it had been a “warm” winter than the increase in 3 degrees C could have melted much of the top snow, reducing the horizon and permitting the sun to shine through the top two days earlier.

There could be another explanation that some other scientists postulated – that the Earth’s axis shifted and the rotation has changed.  However, this alternative postulation is more difficult to accept because of the ramifications or implications that it entails – that, because of the knowledge that the physical behavior and positioning of the Earth relative to itself and its orbital trajectory around the sun have profound impacts on the planet’s weather patterns (among other things), this would mean that, from now on, our geo-meteorological patterns will be different.  From what we have been experiencing in the recent past, it would appear to be so.  To attribute the climate changes to change (i.e., increase) in the prevailing global environmental temperature is the “safest” option we can accept but it will not negate the obvious erratic and progressively worsening geo-meteorological climate phenomenon transpiring.

All these drastic changes in climate point to only one root cause…the unsustainable human activities we are inflicting on the environment, spearheaded by our predominant business practices and fueled by our insatiable greed (under the guise or in the name of economic activity).


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