Post for Aug 28-Sep 3 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Climate change goes all the way back to the “modern” business’ mantra – CONSUMERISM.  The immediate root cause of all our global woes is consumerism.  The cause of the freak weather (i.e., meteorological) disturbances is climate change.  The climate is changing due to global warming – the average annual worldwide temperature is rising.  The warming is due to intensified human activity from economic or business activity – from ravaging the rainforest for raw materials, from mowing down hectares of rainforest for plantation type monocultures (to feed livestock for man’s “hunger” for meat and to feed our equally hungry transportation and energy industries, from overfishing and from acidifying the oceans, from devastating the coral reefs and the mangroves, from lopping off mountaintops and from drilling and excavating gaping chasms for minerals and for precious metals, from waging war and violent armed conflicts, from harvesting to feed the wildlife trade, etc.  And, the driving force behind all these destructive human activity is business – specifically consumerism.

Consumerism is the mantra of modern business.  It used to be that business serves the interest of the consumers.  But ever since business was able to capitalize on the findings of Psychology (specifically human behavior), it has learned how to manipulate and condition consumers – exploiting our innate needs of belonging (our social need to belong – aka peer pressure) and our traits of envy (our must-also-have) and of not wanting to be discriminated as being out-dated or not up-to-the-times (playing on our weakness of not wanting to be branded as “old school”).  Moreover, these are necessary in order to support and sustain business’ greed for profits – developing products and services with shorter and shorter productive life cycles (i.e., obsolescence rates) or “innovating” useless products and services and pawning them off as essential and must-haves.

By promoting consumerism, business needs to feed and stoke that demand – this is disquised under the phrase “economic growth”.  This is done or achieved by sourcing raw materials from the environment.  Since, aside from the lust for profits, there is intense rivalry between businesses to supply the demand, the increased production activity – requiring enormous amounts of energy, therefore generating huge quantities of heat that are released into the environment – coupled with the reduced natural resources (like trees and water) greatly diminish the capacity of the environment to offset and restore the balance.  [The imbalance resulting from disruptive and destructive human activities of production by business.]

The increased energy and heat output to the environment levels out all over the world and raises the global average temperature – i.e., global warming.  The elevated temperature spurs stronger and more destructive weather and climate “countermeasures” (by nature) – in terms of hurricanes (if they originate from the Atlantic Ocean), typhoons (if they originate from the Pacific Ocean) or cyclones (if they originate from the Indian Ocean), of tornadoes, of volcanic eruptions and of earth (tectonic) tremors and of tsunamis, of sinkholes, of droughts and of heat waves, of flooding and of massive spring thaws, of blizzards and of hailstorms, of dust storms, etc.

All these intensifications of the weather add up to and combine into climate change.  And that is the tapestry or interweaving of events originating from business’ advocacy of consumerism – under the guise of economic growth – and ending with climate change.  [Additional note: See by Mark Sircus where “…the day in January when the sun came up two days early in Greenland…” is, if it is not a sign that the Earth has shifted in its orbit and resulting in a shifting of its axis then, at least, it is a sign that the global temperature has warmed up fast and soon enough as to cause spring to “arrive” two days earlier than expected.]

TaN: Bird flu scam is on again.  Today, in the news, health authorities – with the WHO to follow suit soon – are once again conjuring up the spectre of the “deadly” pandemic of the Avian Flu – only with a new strain, which makes any stockpiled previous vaccines “ineffective”.  They fail to realize the reason behind the Philippines staying Avian Flu-free all these years, despite the repeated incidences of countries around it.

The primary reason the only way the Philippines will have cases of humans infected with the Avian Flu is they got it in another countries and brought it with them to the Philippines.  There is no way the Avian Flu can enter the Philippines via live wild migratory birds.  The two reasons are: (1) infected migratory birds will be at a weakened state and will not be able (mainly not possessing the strength and the stamina) to make the long journey across open waters from Asia mainland to the Philippines.  They will simply drop off into the vast waters separating the Philippines from Asia mainland.  However, for argument’s sake, some birds will have enough strength and stamina to make the trip, it must be remembered that (2) this is the typhoon season and the winds will always be blowing from the Philippines towards the mainland.  This being the case, the infected birds will be fighting headwinds all the way.  This will further ensure that only healthy birds will be able to survive and complete the journey.

It is a different story if LIVE birds are “borught” in (i.e., either by humans or by hitching a ride).  It should be known that the Avian Flu does not survive for extended periods outside of a dead bird.  Only live birds can infect – dead birds do not.  This is why I stressed “LIVE” birds.  However, I am willing to wager that our experts will “panic” and recommend that we set up elaborate (but unnecessary) screening and monitoring procedures and equipment and stockpile expensive (but worthless) vaccines – just as a precautionary measure.  Someone people are going to make a lot of money out of this ignorance and panic.

Moreover, for those with short memories, just like the Swine Flu that created a Pandemic Level 6, where later admissions and investigations revealed that most of the members of the committee/panel of the WHO that decided to raise and declare the pandemic level have conflicts of interest (i.e., they have ties with the pharmaceutical industry, particularly those that manufacture the Avian Flu vaccine), there will be multitudes of gullible people who will line up and pay good money to vaccinated with a vaccine that is not ineffective but may even be harmful – as so many other cases of vaccinations have already proven (Swine Flu vaccine, Gardasil, MMR, etc).

It would do well to remember the saying, Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.  [For a time line (up to 2006): see]


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