Post for Sep 11-17 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: What’s the big deal, what’s all the fuss, so what if it is September 11 (9/11)?  Personally, I feel that the United States of America got precisely what it deserves!  They can only blame themselves because they brought it upon themselves whatever befell them – just as it is for the rest of us.  Nothing really happens without our consent – whether implicit or explicit.  Every act we make is a conscious decision – sometimes basing the decision on inadequate and/or inaccurate information (intentionally, as in misled or misinformed by others, or unintentionally, as in carelessness, as in laziness, as in incompetence, as in incapability to obtain the proper and complete information).

For those who were conspirators in the tragic event, they got what they wanted – i.e., to get people to focus on the tragedy and exploit it to get people’s sentiments, consent, and cooperation to institute to a “permanent” global (World) war (III) on Terror.  Their concerted orchestration and manipulation of people and of events, as well control of the media, culminated with the tragedy of September 11, 2001 – sacrificing thousands of lives for their agenda, which is to blanket the world in terror.

The after-events are their efforts to consolidate their stranglehold on our lives – tightening the death grip.  Everything just fell into place.  Decades of planning paid off.  Covert teams (of expert assassins, under the guise of special operations) are deployed (inserted and extracted) at will – with no regard to sovereignty nor to historical friendships, going in to any point in the world, under cover of darkness or even in plain sight, carrying out their nefarious and satanic missions, without the slightest hint of remorse, of concern, of guilt, of anything that a human being possesses and holds dear.  These killing machines are themselves subject to actions that make them dispensable – all in the name of security and of peace.  Take the case of the members of the Navy Seal Team who (purportedly) assassinated (purportedly) Osama bin Laden and were subsequently (and conveniently and/or coincidentally) killed – more like silenced – in that fateful helicopter crash, to ensure that “Dead men tell no tales“.

The rest of us (at least most or a great majority) willingly gave our consent by our inaction, by our un-involvement, by our prioritization (of actions and of issues), by our cooperation, but largely by our apathy.  By leaving all the decisions (like the enactment of laws and ordinances) to the few (like our elected or appointed leaders and to judicial and the law enforcement and armed services), we leave ourselves open to whatever actions they take (in our behalf).  We willingly (and sheepishly) submit to body scan and searches, fill up forms with ever-increasing personal information being requested/required, agree to transacting most businesses in digital form (credit and debit cards, ATM cards, etc), swallow (without any hesitation nor resistance) the information (more like propaganda) about events around us and with the full cooperation and connivance of media, and going about our lives filling it up with trivial and absolutely worthless things – like sports (especially the professional kind, where people are paid obscene amounts of money to do the most worthless things as shooting balls of all kinds), like entertainment (reality shows, games shows, variety shows, concerts, and the like), like video games and social networking, like fashion and vanity (concerned with the self rather than others), etc – and neglecting the essential (like consideration and compassion for others, like true and selfless altruism and philanthropy, like community and communal projects, like using talents and sharing properties, like exploring the limits of man and freely teaching it to others, and like establishing cooperatives instead of monopolies, cartels, multinational corporations, and agribusinesses).

September 11, 2011 is just another (vital and major) event in the series of intricate and complex pre-planned web of events that fit snugly into an overall master plan that stretches far back not only decades but centuries and all the way into the future, with the ultimate goal of creating and establishing a New World Order – call me a conspiracy nut or any name or label but it will not change anything.  As I keep repeating, a quote from St Thomas Aquinas, The TRUTH, even if it comes from a liar, is still the TRUTH.  Its messenger will not diminish the message the slightest for as long as the message is the TRUTH.  Connect the dots with Codex Alimentarius, which is supposed to have started last December 31, 2009.  Everything is as has been pre-ordained; it has been prophesized and it shall come to pass.  The worst is not over; all these are just the beginning…the beginning of the end.

In conclusion, I share and commiserate with all who lost loved ones (both in the incident and among the rescuers), with those who were eyewitnesses (their fear, their horror, their trauma), with those who are now suffering the after-effects of exposure to the toxic chemicals during the rescue, the retrieval, and the clean-up operations (and being left out in healthcare), and with all those who truly and innocently grieved for the unfortunate and despicable event.  However, I not only feel nothing for those who “willingly and wittingly” permit themselves to be manipulated and conned into believing that Al Qaeda was behind it all.  In truth, they were just pawns in the bigger picture, the large scheme of things.  And, for those who responded with “wanting the evil perpettuators to be destroyed or killed”, my first instinct was to wish (back at them) that they had been in the towers that collapsed – good riddance.  But, as I sobered up from my emotions, my abohorence turned to pity, sympathy, and understanding – that these people are merely reacting from gut, that it is but normal for people to feel hatred and fury at such satanic acts.  The real masterminds behind the 9/11 tragedy is still out there at large, scheming and conniving to manipulate fear and terror on the world, and enjoying the “fruits of their labor”.  [Puh-lease, don’t sell me all that crap and bull about the world being safer now.  If it is safer, why all the security checks and the scans and the pat-downs, the surveillance cameras, the security precautions, the fighting and the uprisings, and the joint military exercises in place?  For our protection; for our security; it’s horsesh*t and you know it; you are just in denial, in your own dream world – which is more of a nightmare.]  The so-called “terrorist groups” are merely reacting to how they have been treated and disadvantaged (to put it politely) in a manner they are accustomed to.  We all know who the real culprits are; don’t insult me by peddling your lies, myths, and (to borrow from William Esposo) bovine ordure!

Yes, it is very true, that None are as blind as those who refuse to see.  Amen.

TaN: More and more, we get news that business has been imposing obscene and irresponsible mark-ups on their products and their services to the detriment of the consumer.  First it was seed companies, spear-headed by Monsanto – conjuring up patented GMOs (genetically modified organisms), terminators seeds (disposal, single-use seeds), etc – and followed closely by pharmaceutical companies – with mark-ups as high as 569,858 percent in the case of Xanax.  My God, Big Business – I am qualifying because most businesses are not as greedy – is not satisfied with merely 100 percent, not 1,000 percent, not even 10,000 percent.  No, it has to be more than HALF A MILLION PERCENT!  (see

It would appear that my earlier posit is becoming more crucial and essential – that, along with the product price, the cost of production (i.e., from the first point of expenditure up to when the product reaches the retailer, or at least up to when it leaves the production facility) should likewise be included in the information provided to the consumer at the point of purchase.  Let the consumer know and decide whether the disparity amount between the cost of production and the retail price is acceptable or justifiable – that the consumer is willing the retail price, despite the large gap between the cost of production and the purchase price, that the consumer is freely and consentingly agreeing to part with a large amount of his hard-earned income for a product that may or may not be essential to the consumer.

In other words, one effective method of ensuring that consumer rights are properly protected and observed is for business to be as transparent and as accountable as possible – with their method or manner of production, with their choice of raw materials, with the environmental sustainability of the product after productive life, etc – and just how much it cost them to produce it.  Moreover, should the business argue that the product is provided.manufactured by another (like a subcontractor), then the said subcontractor/supplier should provide the details, especially the production cost.

TaN: Today, the law is no longer serving man, but men.  So many wonderful things have been said about laws and man – like Those who have less in life must have more in law – but all that seems to have been systematically and methodically obliterated from the consciousness of the people.  Even the primal doctrine of “Presumption of innocence until proven guilty” has been subverted.  Nowadays, it has been turned 180 degrees and it has become the accused who must prove his/her innocence instead of the burden being on the accuser.  This is most especially true and evident in the Age of (War Against) Terror.

Elected and government officials are no longer public servants, rather they consider their positions as a license to act with impunity and to regard other people as subjects – as in serfs or “personal property”.  In this manner, the law becomes an instrument of oppression and of unfair and unjust advantage, treatment, and access.  Moreover, many of our elected officials decided to run for office under the guise of serving the country, serving the constituency but, in truth, they have interests to protect or establish and cultivate.

Indeed, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Further, Power and authority does not change a person but reveals him for what he truly is – they provide the person the opportunity to act according to his/her true nature with the “illusion” that the power and authority will shield his act.  This gave rise to the saying, When you are in power, your friends know you; when you are no longer in power, your friends know you.

So, this explains the statement, “the law is no longer serving man (as in mankind), but men (as in the privileged few, the elite)”.


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