Post for Sep 25-Oct 1 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Among the major arguments against standardization is that there will always be a pattern – and tests as no exceptions.  In standardized tests, there will be a pattern and when the test-taker “discovers” (or is furnished with) it, the purpose of the test (unless it is to find out if the taker can recognize a pattern) is defeated.  This is precisely the basis of an argument posited in a recent article concerning the increasing “privatization of the public school system of the USA”, where the author poses the possibility that today’s students may not really be better but only better in taking tests – teachers give students tips on how to take tests, on how to pass tests.  This is precisely what has been written in 2 Timothy 3:7 [KJV], it is said that we are “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of truth.”  The more we learn, become educated, the farther we are from knowing the truth – the farther we distance (and alienate) ourselves away from the Father.

TaN: Nature over-produces; man over-consumes.  If we take time to (really and honestly) observe and appreciate nature – what the Father has lovingly and so generously provided – we would notice that there is over-abundance in its bounty.  Then, when we examine ourselves, we find that we shamefully are the exact contradiction – we over-consume (and are irresponsibly inconsiderate) in our partaking of nature’s bounty, unmindful of how selflessly everything (all of our needs) are shared with us – FOR FREE.  To say the least, it is embarrassing how we waste all the gifts provided us even before we ask for them.  Further, in our greed, not only are we gluttons in our greed and our hunger to satisfy all our man-made and imagined “needs”, we even destroy the very things of nature that provide us with all our essentials and selfishly deprive others of what is justly and rightfully theirs.

Everything in this world is for all to share – as in “From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs“.  If and when we derive profits from the labor of others – as in business and employment – we are unfairly and immorally gaining what rightfully belong to others.  We may benefit from each other’s labor but s/he who labored most must be the one bestowed with the privilege to determine his/her portion of the gains – as in, to ensure that the sharing is equitable, the one tasked to cut/slice the pie should not have the right to choose which pie slice s/he gets.  This is to guarantee that the slicer will slice as equally as possible.

Finally, as mentioned in earlier blogs, only things resulting from the labor of man can be owned (and “exchange ownership”) by man.  Everything else – i.e., nature and all that is around us – has been provided for us and we have no right to claim ownership, like land, like water, and like air.  It is written (in Matthew 10:8 [KJV]), “…freely ye have received, freely give“.  All that are natural are finite and are meant to (and must) be shared by all.  In fact, to be very strict or literal about it, the only defining boundaries are natural boundaries.  No artificial – i.e., man-made or political – boundaries should be established and recognized.  This is one of the major causes of disputes and of conflicts that lead to misery, to injustice, to deprivation, to gluttony or over-abundance, to greed, to oppression, to hatred and to prejudice, to deception and to fraud, to apathy, etc.

TaN: Planking and all the other non-sensical aping Filipinos do or imitate – money see, monkey do.  It would appear that people – especially the youth – are still stuck in the Jurassic period (aping inane trends and fads as if they are some sort of an achievement, some sort of a major accomplishment).  With the reputation of Filipinos with respect to being artistically and aesthetically creative, it is pathetic that we still resort to aping foreigners – especially those that make no sense nor achieve anything significant.  I agree with the government; if the protesters use such empty techniques to make their grievances and concerns known, I would just ignore them – let them shout until their voice are hoarse, I would not give it any thought.  If the protesters/demonstrators want to be taken seriously, let them act responsibly and maturely.


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