Post for Oct 16-22 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Cooperativism and deglobalization (as defined and implemented currently) is the future.  Just as I was writing this TaN, I came across an article in that expressed the same sentiments as I have been for some time now – please refer to earlier blogs.  It is precisely the interdependency of economies created by globalization that is causing all the global financial crisis.

Thanks to globalization – and the delusional concept that the whole world is interconnected and interdependent – world economies are now so intertwined (much like a spider web) that a tug on one economies, especially if it is a large economy, will drag the whole mesh in whatever direction the tug is coming from.  This is precisely what is happening with the European Union and the USA, with their economies teetering at the edge (of another and alleged worse recession, due to austerity measures and cuts in spending) that the economies of the rest of the world – much of have since shifted from gold and silver backed currencies to the dollar – are threatened.  This is the basis for the expression, When the USA sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.  In order words, because the world economies are interconnected, it becomes essential and necessary that all countries come to the aid of the big economies (practically all of the First World economies) – when they get in trouble – the smaller poorer economies should prop these gigantic economies, preventing them from failing (much like what happened in the Great Bailouts under the GW Bush and the Obama administrations) lest they be dragged down into oblivion along with them.  On the other hand, should any of the small poorer economies get in trouble, since they are “insignificant” and would not have enough impact, there is no urgency to come to their aid.  The First World economies are not “obligated” to come to the aid of the poor economies but not the other way around.

Deglobalization “breaks” those “ties that bind” the world economies together so that trouble in one will not cause a chain reaction on the rest.  To replace or substitute for deglobalization, cooperativism is a good choice.  By cooperativism, I mean people working together, where everyone is a stakeholder and has a special interest.  It would be great to have people do things and cooperate with full voluntary participation and working for the good of all instead of a selfish end of personal gain – and worse, at the expense of others.

The USA, the supposed world’s largest economy, is holding the rest of the world (economies) hostage by “convincing” them to switch from gold and precious metals backed currencies to dollar-denominated currencies and then selling them “exaggerated” debt papers.  The more debt papers are sold and held by an economy, the more it is “at the mercy” of the debtor.  This is the basis for the (paraphrased) saying, The borrower is the Master of the lender – for it the borrower defaults, there is not much the lender can do; it is the lender who ends up the loser.

As a final word, it is not true – contrary to what has been “drilled” into our psyche – that competition provides incentives to excel and to improve (rewarding innovation and invention driven by selfish motivation).  There is a growing trend of successful business enterprises where profit is no longer the primary (and often sole) concern or objective – like B companies with their triple bottom lines: social and civic responsibilities, environmental friendliness, profit) – but are even sharing technologies and trade secrets so that all can grow and prosper together – leaving no one behind.  A “new breed” of people are now sharing experiences and knowledge for mutual benefit.  They are not hesitant to share knowledge and experiences because of the belief that by sharing, the knowledge base or pool is increase several fold.  Moreover, by being open, improvements and advancements can be freely and easily made, which, in turn, further enriches all many time over.  [Unlike or in contrast to the prevailing but out-dated philosophy that trade secrets and maintaining (so-called) intellectual property and patents will “inspire” and “incentivize” innovation and creativity – where limited people are privy to the knowledge and, ergo, the only ones that will be in any position to make any improvements or to remedy unanticipated inherent errors and problems that may arise later.]  Especially in the light of the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) phenomenon – and movement – more and more people are willing share whatever meager resources they have with others, unlike the ultra rich who tenaciously and stubbornly cling to the “ill-gotten” wealth.

TaN: And I agree (with another article I just read in that many have the mistaken perception that the current ever-growing chasm between the rich and the poor is a result of a failure of the system.  On the contrary, the system has succeeded.  It is difficult to accept that the vast majority has been hoodwinked into thinking and believing that the current system was designed and intended to bring prosperity to all.  In reality, the current system’s purpose is to channel all wealth towards the rich and away from the (true creators of wealth, which are the) poor.

As can be witnessed in the current phenomenon of OWS (Occupy Wall Street) and all over most of the rest of the world, there is mass dissatisfaction and disillusionment by the vast majority (as they claim, the 99%) and the (earlier) signs and placards say it all: “We are not moving“, “I will not believe corporations are people until Texas executes one“, “I’m a Human Being not a Commodity“, “A better world is possible“, and “This is SO not over“.  This gives more credence to the 2012 Mayan Calendar theory – the world will end on December of 2012.  The confluence of unfolding events continues to contribute to the argument: the Chernobyl-type Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster (the developments since then are no longer being covered by mainstream media and the world’s attention has (been) shifted to the OWS phenomenon), the (rumored) impending “second and worse wave” of financial crisis, the purported massive solar activity “scheduled” to sweep over the Earth in 2012 and coupled with the massive “hole” in our protective layer of the atmosphere (ionosphere) – both confirmed and reconfirmed by NASA (the USA and Germany has been reported to be preparing for the event, the latter is allegedly “practicing” to live with 30-40 percent power and telecommunications), the successive assassinations (and removals) of dispensable and used-up world leaders and figures (Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Hosni Mubarack, Moammar Gadhafi, whoever is next) – apparently for re-election purposes, the spreading Occupy Wall Street (and the rest of the world), the Bank Transfer Day (closing accounts in the Big Banks and depositing the money in credit unions and in community banks), and more.  Yes, it is very true: None are as blind as those who refuse to see.


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