Post for Oct 23-29 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Mis-information is still spreading; the desperate attempts of a dying lie; sometimes due to a (deliberate or not) misunderstanding of the facts.  In the case of the controversy Drew Carey’s unusual but not unexpected achievement with regard to his diabetes.

In a website I happened to come across, I got these: “I have a great healthy lifestyleDoes that mean I have no DiabetesNoIf Drew decided to have a few slices of cake of chocolate cake, his blood sugar will spike just like any other Diabetic” and “That Diabetes can be cured is a huge scam by people who want to sell you their ‘remedy’There is no science that indicates the ‘cure’, just evidence that can keep your numbers in checkI challenge Drew to drink a full glass of orange juice, then we’ll see if he is truly cured“.

As a whole, there are two (possible) misunderstandings in the aforementioned: (1) Just because your blood sugar “spiked” does not necessarily mean you are diabetic or have diabetes mellitus.  And it does need chocolate cake or orange juice to spike your blood sugar – any large intake of refined carbohydrates or sugar, especially after a large meal, will always cause a spike.  Diabetes is properly defined based not on the presence of the spike but on how long it takes for the spike to return to normal, otherwise everyone would have to be diabetic.  One has diabetes mellitus only if and when the surge in blood sugar does not or takes longer than the usual duration to subside or return to normal.

(2) There was no qualification as to how or what ingredients went into the making of the chocolate cake or the orange juice; and, for the cake, also what type of carbohydrates were used.  If refined flour (for the cake) and refined sugar (for both the cake and the juice) were used, only the dead would not experience any spike.

And (3), a cure is declared when there is no longer a need for maintenance medications.  If one’s blood sugar is able to return to normal without the interference of pharmaceuticals – especially within the normal duration it take the average person – then one is considered “cured” or that the disease or medical condition is no longer present.

As can be expected, there are a lot of fools out there who continue to espouse stupid and illogical or inane lies, but live and let live.  Let them continue believing in the deception of Big Pharma and the conventional/allopathic quackery and let them take their toxic medications so that we will eventually have less of their kind around.  And so the lies continue.

TaN: People who claim to be health-conscious but are selective of the health facts that they will believe in – especially when there is overwhelming evidence and arguments – are not really health-conscious but merely cherry-picking on “convenient” facts that jibe with their desires.  They will accept the facts but only if and when the facts will not alter their fundamental “comfort zones” – i.e., I will do the “healthy” thing so long as I can keep on doing the things I like, even though they are unhealthy.  They are not prepared to give up certain “precious” things, at least not yet.  This is a major reason why certain so-called “healthy” people still end up with lifestyle disease or their current ones are not mitigated or particular healthy efforts just does not seem to work.

When it comes to health, there is no room for compromise.  One must give up all unhealthy things before accepting the healthy things.  For as long as we stop doing what is unhealthy, even if we do not do any healthy things, one will eventually get back to health – taking only a longer duration.  The body has a remarkable way of restoring itself, once we stop abusing and mis-using it.  The only significant factor is how long it takes one to stop the unhealthy things.

It used to be that health problems arise from just doing the wrong or unhealthy things.  However, because there has been so much half-baked experts trying to be somebody instead of trying to really help people, they now constitute the majority of the mis-informers and the dis-informers.  They are self-proclaimed experts who espouse deadly half-truths that do more harm than good.  For instance, the cooking shows that either teach or invite celebrities who claim to be health-conscious, then show the audience what “healthy” things they do or eat.  Most every cooking show that claim healthy cooking – because they use lots of fruits and vegetables – claim their dishes are healthy, by virtue of the plant-based ingredients.

In truth, the most important healthy thing to do is physical activity.  Eating the right foods is a poor third or even fourth down the list.  The second is the manner of food preparation.

Not all physical activity is healthy.  There are proper ways of doing things but because of so-called modern conveniences and technologies, we have substituted the health acitivities with unhealthy ones.  For example, the proper of walking is not the (now) normal heel-strike but the ball-strike technique.  To find out the true and healthy walking style, try walking on a hard or rough surface and you will notice that you will avoid the heel-strike pattern of walking – mainly because it hurts!  You will prefer the ball-strike approach because the arch of the foot serves as a shock absorber and lessens the pain of a heel-strike.  This, in turn, lessens the impact and damage to the knee – which absorbs most of the impact from a heel-strike walking style.  Now that you know how you walk barefoot in order to avoid pain, apply it to your daily walking style – with your footwear on.

On the matter of what to eat, there was this case of a converted vegetarian who is still having high blood pressure problems even after switching from a meat diet to a plant based one.  It was later found out that the principal reason was because the vegetables were fried or broiled or baked – i.e., dry cooking was used.  Raw eating is best but the next best thing – if you must cooked (with heat) – is wet cooking.  Dry cooking alters the physical molecular structure in the food and produces carcinogens.  [Look up stereochemistry, chiral chemistry, or mirror molecules.  Compounds that are chemically identically impact the health differently if and when their physical molecular structure is changed – prime examples are coal and diamonds, both of which are chemically identical (i.e., carbon) but are world’s apart in appearance and properties.]

Finally, especially for the pharmaceutical industry and the mainstream medical community, please stop arguing that all sugars are the same, all vitamins are the same, all minerals are the same, GMO foods are no different from regular foods, etc BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT!!!  If the calcium in plants are just the same as the ones from your oil-derived laboratory versions, it would be cheaper for me to just swallow a mouthful of dirt since there is an abundance of calcium in dirt.  Why buy you cheap patented imitations when I can have it for free from the ground all around me?


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