Post for Oct 30-Nov 5 2011 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: A “good” idea that is really a bad idea – destroying things you bought as a a “sign of protest”.  At first glance, it is very tempting to show our disagreement (to put it nicely) by destroying (e.g., burning) something.  Up to this point, it is a good idea.  However, recently, I came across a video about what some people do to show their disgust over the increasing encroachment of GMO into life and the influence they (i.e., the companies) exert that blatantly disregards people’s right to information.  [What I am referring to is the situation in the USA (to-date) where (food) businesses are not required to inform the public whether their product contains GM (genetically modified) ingredients – unlike in Europe.]

In the said video, they proclaim that they “traditionally” incinerate (watch: them.  First, in the video, they burned the plastics (in the lollipops) along with the candy so that is a bad idea already (releasing all the dioxins and toxic fumes into the atmosphere).  Second, though I sttill haven’t encountered studies on it, the same may hold true with the GM candies.  Third, somebody bought the candy.  Since the candy was bought, the GM company has already earned and the purchaser has spent his money.  If I were the company, I won’t care whatever you do with my product, so long as you buy it.  Therefore, the best way is still not to buy – do not patronize it at all, refuse them the profit they so badly desire.

And, speaking of disgust, why do people who protest and show hatred towards another country – the most popular of which is the USA – do so by burning the flag.  Don’t they know that burning a flag is (supposed) to be a honorable way of “decommissioning” a flag.  If they really want to show disgust and despise and hatred – use the flag to wipe their shoes or clean up pet poops or other degrading acts.  If that don’t get the message across crystal clear, I don’t what will.

TaN: To quote from Victor Hugo: Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come – or words to that effect.  [According to Wikipedia, paraphrased from On resiste a l’invasion des armees; on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees (One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.]  What has and is still happening in Wall Street – and spreading like wildfire (another quote) across the world, except (I think) in the Philippines – is that the so-called 99-percenters are fed up to their gills and have finally decided “Enough is enough“, “I am not taking it anymore“, “Another world is possible“, and “This SO not over“.  It is time to take our destiny into our own hands – after all, all power emanates from the governed.  The one-percent needs us more than we need them.

It is high time that the truth be brought forth – that all reality is a shared commons, that all matter and all energy has neither increased nor decreased, and that only life has increased.  And since the physical universe is limited and nothing in reality had been given to any of us in particular (I challenge anyone to show me the deed of transfer of ownership from the creator of everything), it is assumed and imperative that all there is must be shared equitably.  By equitably, I mean a modification of the communist slogan (From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs), I take only what I need and I give all that I can.  The only private property is personal property – i.e., property that we personally use and is not practical to be share due to reasons of hygiene (like your toothbrush), of frequency of use (like your writing instrument), of your creation or from an exchange of ownership, and the like.  Everything else is common property and should be shared by all.  No one should have exclusive use or access to anything that is not of man’s creation and/or is in excess.  [By “excess”, I mean it has become a want rather than a need.]  The seed has been planted – OWS (Occupy Wall Street).  It is up to the rest of us to nurture it and make it flourish, to encompass and overwhelm the existing system and change is for the better.

As I once read, We do not have to accept the world that is being handed to us.  There is a better world that I can make and share with everybody.  ANOTHER (BETTER) WORLD IS POSSIBLE FOR ALL!


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