Post for Jan 8-14 2012 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: There is only Ethics – not such “animal” (to borrow a favorite expression of my college professor) as bioethics, business ethics, legal ethics, or whatever professional code of ethics.  However, ethics may be differentiated according to religion/faith/belief – like Christian (inclusive Islamic, since Muslims also are Christians) – and to cultural.

To say that there is Business Ethics, Legal Ethics, Bioethics, Professional Code of Ethics, and those sorts of ethics imples that outside of the practice of business, of the law, of medicine, of whatever profession or occupation you may be engaged in, there is no need to be ethical – that only when you do business should you be ethical.

Ethics is all around and at all times – in everything we do.  Ethics should be lived; it should permeate our every action.

When a person is ethical, s/he will be ethical at all times and in everything s/he does.  S/he would not confine, limit or compartmentalize his/her ethical practices and actions to only certain aspects of his activities – otherwise s/he would not be ethical.  The mere fact that there are Business Ethics, Legal Ethics, Bioethics, and Whatever-Sort-of Ethics validates that Ethics is everywhere, that it is not restricted.

A businessman does and should not only ethical at work but in everything he does.  The same is true for a lawyer, a doctor, an architect, an engineer, a teacher, a driver, an elected official or government official, and all other people.  Even one’s stature in life does not exempt or excuse one from being ethical.  An ethical lawyer is ethical even when s/he is not practicing law.

TaN: Proof that things are getting worse; “Better” is (just) an illusion, a clever and devious marketing campaign to make (gullible and unthinking) people believe that there is progress, development, and improvement.  If things were truly getting better, why the phrase “the good old days” and why do the standard of living keep getting worse (as witnessed by rising/skyrocketing prices and by increasing spread of poverty worldwide)?

One big problem with many people nowadays is they let others do the thinking for them.  This is dangerous as other people are given “free hand” to make decisions for us.  The less people do their own thinking, the greater is the chance that people “lose” their common sense.  They begin to believe easily in what is prevailing instead of relying on themselves to see through the deception and the illusion.

Increasingly, we see people believing pseudo solutions to real problems everywhere.  We find people incapable of distinguishing between problems and symptoms of problems.  In health and medicine, we find increasing use of painkillers – masking or subduing the pain instead of addressing the cause of the pain – and the acceptance of lifestyle diseases as “incurable”.  In socio-economics, we find the anti-poverty campaign shifting to povery alleviation instead of poverty eradication (the original term) and population is being touted as a major cause of poverty when in truth it is the other way around.  In fuel fluctuations and hikes, we find subsidies being doled out instead of going for fuel independency (i.e., producing fuel for own consumption rather than depending on others and become victim of manipulations, of speculations, and of machinations).  In perennial flooding, we find people raising their street levels and their houses (which makes the flooding pattern shift) instead of permanently abandoning and banning the settlement of low-lying and flood-prone areas.  In transportation, we find more roads being built in congested and population-dense urban centers instead of encouraging and building mass transport systems.  There are more in the fields of education, of security, of architecture, of engineering, of law, etc.

The above-mentioned are just a few of the more familiar and current examples of how we “solve” our problems today – by making a patchwork of palliative and superficial stop-gap solutions instead of well-thought of and studied solutions.


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