Post for Jan 29-Feb 4 2012 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: Rejoinder to previous blog’s TaN on Money – Due to the love of money – not money itself – is another major cause for suffering and of misery.  It leads people to perform hazardous deeds and causes loved ones to endure hurt and pain.

Take the case of the recent – but not the only – case of boxer Carlo Maquinto who went into a coma after a boxing match.  Poverty is a primary motivating factor in goading people like Maquinto to go into a dangerous sport – assuming that it can be called a sport by today’s standards.  With so much (money) at stake, boxers driven by poverty will endure almost anything and everything – putting their very lives at high risk, not to mention the subsequent accumulated damages in the later years – to keep the fight going.  Without a purse to lift them out of poverty – no matter how miniscule the lift – I honestly doubt if boxers are willing to endure the pain and the punishment they take.

A true sport is not tainted with money.  Once money gets into the picture, everything degemnerates and deteriorates into pure and simple gambling – and the worst form at that.

Take the case of labor outsourcing, where industrialized and First World countries layoff battalions of workers because there is cheaper (payroll) labor somewhere else – usually in the Third World and underdeveloped countries.  These wealth-starved countries compete with each other to offer the cheapest labor – often slave wages – just to win labor outsourcing contracts.  Just as in the parable of Lazarus at the rich man’s dinner table, fighting with the house pet over the crumbs and scraps that fall off the table.  There is a special place in Hell for such kinds of rich people – to amass their wealth on the backs, the blood, sweat and tears of the poor and the destitute.

The pitiful part in all this is not that the poor are being exploited by the rich but that the poor prostitute themselves – are willing to be exploited and used – all for the love of money.

What most people fail to comprehend and realize is that it is Labor that begat Capital – and not the other way around.  And since People is Labor and there are by far more unrich people than there are rich people, I find it incomprehensible – to the point of being mind-boggling – that the so-called 99% is willing to be subservient to the whims and caprices of the 1% when it should be the other way around.  It is the 99% that made the 1%; hence, the 99% should be able to “un-make” the 1%.

Although it will take a massive coordinated process, the 99% can disown or withdraw their support of the 1% and live by themselves.  The 99% is no stranger to hardship and labor, and if Labor once created Capital, Labor can do it again.  Let the 1% fend for themselves.  Let us see just how far and how much they can do with money and technology and whatever they have without the 99% to grow their food, clean their homes, take their trash, run their factories and their offices, do all of the stuff that require manual labor.

Let the 99% unite and turn away from the 1% and build our own world, for – another world is possible for all.

TaN: Sickness or disease is the symptom of an imbalance – an imbalance in health and nutrition.  It can be caused by either one of two possibilities only: excess or deficiency (or their combination).  A healthy body is one that is (more or less) nutritionally balanced.  This means the body is receiving the needed nutrients and requirements to maintain health equilibrium.  There is not too much nor too little of essential nutrients and activities and there is a tolerable level of toxins and unhealthy elements and activities.

When there is excess, there is an imbalance.  For example, the body needs sugar because sugar is the main fuel source of our cells.  But, excessive sugar levels lead to diabetes.

When there is deficiency, there is imbalance.  For example, the body – more specifically the intestines – needs insoluble fiber to maintain normal or regular bowel movement.  But, insufficient quantities of insoluble – mind you, insoluble fiber is different and has a different function or effect – often leads to constipation, among other complications or health problems.

If there is excess of sugar, we cut down on sugar intake – remember sugar, not artificial sweetener, because the latter is not sugar but a sweetener, do not confuse nor interchange the two – to restore the balance.  If there is insufficiency of insoluble fiber, we uptake our insoluble fiber (as well as intake sufficient quantities of water) and constipation should be resolved.

In no instance is there a need for pharmaceuticals.  Taking pharmaceuticals for health lifestyle problems presupposes that your body is deficient in pharmaceuticals – which is not only illogical but outright stupid.

It must be remembered and understood that NEEDS CAN BECOME WANTS BUT WANTS CAN NEVER BECOME NEEDS.  A need is something that we cannot do without – as in, we will die without it.  A want is something we desire but we can live without.

Food is a Need; it becomes a Want if there is an excess and one can choose from a variety.  However, a phone is a Want; people have lived without phones and if all phones were to suddenly and completely disappear, no one will die from not having it.

Pharmaceuticals, in relation to man’s entire existence, is a recent development.  This means that, once upon a time, there were no pharmaceuticals.  If man has lived without pharmaceuticals in the past, then it could not be a Need – else there would be no one around today.

Given this, logic escapes me to see so many people so dependent on pharmaceuticals – especially for their health.  If and when we get sick or are diseased, go back to the beginning of this TaN.


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