Post for Feb 5-11 2012 (Tidbits and Nuggets)

TaN: For the nth time, as explained once in the early proceedings of the current impeachment proceedings of Chief Justice Renato Corona, there is no violation in, risk of, nor contradiction to the principles of co-equality of the three major branches of government (i.e., Executive, Legislative, Judiciary) when subpeonas and compulsion are made on persons and materials relevant and needed in the proceedings.  This is because the impeachment court, which is made of the same people in the Senate (in their capacity as senator-judges) and the House of Representatives (in their capacity as prosecutors), is a higher authority than any of the aforementioned three government branches.

Furthermore, it is the Legislative (made up of the upper chamber – i.e., the Senate – and the lower chamber – i.e., the House of Representatives – is the co-equal of the Judiciary and not just the Senate.  Both chambers, taken as a whole, is co-equal, not just any one of the subdivisions.

It is illogical that the impeachment court has the power to remove even the highest officials of government but it cannot issue subpoenas nor compell said officials to appear before them.

Part of the confusion comes from both the media and some of the members of the impeachment court.  One of the causes in the confusion is the continued reference to the Senate not being in a position to dictate upon a co-equal body when, in truth, it the reference should be the impeachment court.  As an impeachment court, since it is empowered to remove even the highest government officials of the land, it stands to reason that it can also issue subpoenas and compel people and materials to be brought forth.

Let us put this issue to rest and get on with the impeachment proceedings.  For the members of the impeachment proceedings, please avoid interchanging the terminologies – i.e., the Senate and the impeachment court.  For the media, please avoid adding to the confusion of the public by giving inaccurate terms in reporting.

TaN: A further rejoinder to the rejoinder in the previous TaN, to disempower (the influence of) Money, there are two ways: (1) go the way of some communities in the United States of America and create local currencies and use only the “official” legal tender when transacting with other communities or with any other entity outside of the community or (2) do away totally with currencies and media of exchange and return to the ancient barter system and working and sharing our talents and our skills with each other for the good of the community, not concerned with who owes whom how much and what.

In the first option, since the local currency is recognized and agreed upon only by the local community, it will have value only to the locals and cannot be used outside.  This conserves the wealth because outside businesses cannot remit it to their central office – thereby transfering or siphoning the wealth out of the community.  What external businesses earn must be spent within the community.  This is the advocacy mentioned in “Local Money Creates Wealth Outside the Bubble” by Mira Luna ( and earlier in “How to Sustain a Local Economy: From PB&J to Regional Currencies” by Mary Morgan (  In fact, the second recommended article even went as far as to suggest and encourage communities to be self-sufficient, to be self-sustaining, to be self-reliant – in other words, to develop the local community to be independent as far as the essentials are concerned (like in food security, in energy needs, in all aspects that is essential to the continued existence and survival of the community).

In conclusion, these recommendations are not utopia but doables, especially if we consider the advancements in science and technology – where we now: are capable of producing food in what-was-once-considered non-arable or too small parcels of land (such as backyards and even rooftops), have new wisdom in matters of health and of nutrition that frees us from the toxic “remedies” and protocols of pharmaceuticals, and have miniature power (generating) plants.  In fact, a model town in Germany currently not only generates and produces its own energy but even sell it back to the power grid and uses the proceeds to fund its community improvements and developments.  [Please refer to the article: and]

As always, Another world is possible for all.  We do not have to live in this world that is being handed to us.


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