Post for Feb 19-25 2012

TaN: If I control the information that you receive, I control how you think, how you decide, how you react, and how you behave.  The quantity and completeness of information that we receive – especially that which have a direct effect or impact on our lives – determines how we think, how we decide, how we react, and how we behave.  Incomplete or untruthful information often cause people to make erroneous decisions.

Currently, because information from mass media – whether print, broadcast, or cyberspace – are either controlled (suppressed, distorted, camouflaged, etc) or altered, people’s lives are being manipulated.  Information manipulation is rampant and wanton.  Aside from the tried-and-tested method of “doctoring” studies and research, informercials are the fad today – where clever marketing campaigns and commercial advertisements are disguised as informative news articles, either by and from news reporters or columnists and commentators – misleading and deceiving the (gullible) public into believing the untruths or the half-truths are Biblical truths.

It is both infuriating and pitiful.  Infuriating because there are influential people who willingly become instruments of deception and bring harm to others, as well as people so brainwashed that they cling to the whatever shred of hope they have that the lies they have been indoctrinated with will, somehow, become the truth.  And, pitiful because there are so many people who refuse to use their gift (of logic and common sense and of intelligence) to sort through the layers of fraudulent information peddled by charlatans, by con and scam artists, by paid stooges (of Big Business), by well-meaning self-proclaimed experts, by educated morons and embiciles, and by Big Business and its co-conspirators – the advertising agencies, the mass media, the celebrity endorsers, the governmental regulatory agencies, the industry funded and supported research and academic institutions, etc.

It is high time that the public “wake up” and commence thinking and evaluating for its own sake – to break the chain and take charge of their own lives.  We have to refuse to receive flasehoods and half-truths, to think for ourselves, to seek out the truth and spread it, and to change this world.  We do not have to accept this world being handed to us, this decrepit, polluted and contaminated, and shamefully prostituted world.  ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE FOR ALL – A BETTER ONE!

TaN: For the common good, there is not to be any private property – only public and personal property.  At best, private property can only be extended to or granted to man-made things – no more.  Personal property is mainly due to hygiene and sanitation purposes – like toiletries and clothing.  Public property covers everything else.

As mentioned earlier, private property may be permitted but restricted to man-made objects.  Since man-made things are borne of the labor of man, it is but right that man can claim ownership to them.  In practice, non-personal property should be available to anyone who needs access and use of them and under the condition that during the time it is needed, it is not being used by another.  No one should have exclusive use and access to non-personal property, especially when the said property is currently unused.

It is specially unjust and obscenely immoral in the case of land where wide expanses are left unused while so many people have no place to build a humble house and to grow food.  There is no excuse that people are squeezed and squeezing into densely overcrowded urban centers while there are wide tracts of fenced-off prime and pristine arable land can be seen untended and left growing weeds or unproductive.  This is only true because of private property.

Aside from the argument that global hunger is not caused by underproduction of food – because records would bare that we are producing more food (per hectare or acre) today than ever before – but due to distribution and allocation problems, which are mainly due to greed.  While First World and industrialized countries are overflowing with food (and it is not unusual to see perfectly good and untouched food thrown in the garbage bin), tens of millions of Third World and underdeveloped and/or developing countries make do with one meal a day (and with very low calories) with several millions going to sleep without a single meal in a day.

It is the epitome of injustice, obscenity, and immorality that people in some parts of the world wallowing in rich food while so much more people elsewhere hardly have anything to eat and are, literally, skin and bones.  This is primarily caused by inaccessibility of people to gain access to arable land to plant and grow their own food because the available land is private property.  Another major contributing factor is the preference of food traders to sell to buyers who offer higher profits – which happen to be those in First World or industrialized countries.  Yet another significant factor is the conversion of staples (like corn and soya) into biofuel to feed fuel tanks instead of being sold to people for food.

The other reason mentioned above is the inaccessiblity of the global majority to have a small parcel of land where they can put up a modest house for their families.  As a result, they pack themselves like sardines in ghettos and in deplorable urban pockets where they pay exorbitant rents for a measly cramped room or cell and endure subhuman living conditions and violent environments, instead of making installment payments to a small plot where a humble house is built.

The ideal is that people should be have free and unhindered access to man-made non-personal property that are currently unused by another.  People should share whatever limited resources with each other and use them juidiciously and sustainably.  Man-made things should be made with such high quality and craftsmanship that they can be reused and recycled – their productive life should be maximized/optimized and not discarded after the first use.  People must learn to share whatever resources they have with each other.


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