Post for Feb 26-Mar 3 2012

TaN: Is it ethical to have some countries wallowing in wealth and in comfort while others are in abject misery and extreme poverty – with millions dying from starvation every day and many more millions eating only one meal a day (and a very low calorie meal at that).  I find it obscene and absurd that there will be countries awashed with wealth while others are submerged in debt and poverty with no end in sight.

Moreover, these debt-stricken countries got into their situation not on their own but through manipulations and schemes from unscrupulous mega multi and transnational corporations.

Worst of all, I find it disturbing that: (1) people (in First World and the better off countries) can go to sleep, go on living their lives without a care that so many others are in such misery and despair; (2) corporations can continue to promote consumerism and driving poor countries and economies ever deeper into debt and the planet into the brink of total global dis-equilibrium; and, (3) I am no better than much of the guilty but I shall continue to strive and wean myself from goods and activities that are confirmed (or even just suspected to be) resulting from unethical and unjust origins – in some ways cold turkey, in others a slow wean.

TaN: Things that are beneficial – to onesself and to others – should be shared and not sold.  Taking our cue from the adage, The best things in life are (ought to be) free, a key factor to the majority of the world’s problems – poverty, hunger, human rights, violence, environmental destruction, war, terrorism, etc – is rooted on man’s selfish and greedy claim and control of the commons.

Commons are the essentials in life and – if we follow the Christian principle in the Holy Scriptures, that what thou has received for free, thou freely give – it has been given to us (i.e., all people and not to a mere chosen few or elite) for free.  We ought to share whatever there is – all that is in nature, as paraphrased from the video “The Age of Stupid“, (some 41 minutes and 30 seconds into the video) the (child) narrator said “…ever-espanding [economic] growth [and unbridled consumption] on the just one not expanding planet is impossible…”.  With people and global growth continuing to increase but the same cannot be said about the resources (water, land, air) of the planet, it is simply not sustainable – not matter how you slice it.  And, the sooner we ALL realize, accept, and do something about this, the better for all.

Again, from the same video (some 4 minutes and 32 seconds into the video), “…we could have save ourselves, but we didn’t.” and (some 1 hour, 18 minutes into the video), “We wouldn’t be the first life form to wipe itself outBut, what would be unique about us is that we did it knowingly.”

We may, one day, pass the point of no return and not realize it AND THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE!  We were given several chances BUT WE BLEW ALL OF THEM … EVERY ONE OF THEM.


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