Post for Mar 11-17 2012

TaN: Things that are vital to the wellbeing of man should not be subject to commercialization – as in medicines and as in food.  Like I have always been advocating and explaining, I may be pro-labor, pro-poor, but I am not anti-management nor anti-rich.  So far, the dice has always been loaded in favor of the “privileged”.  I do not mind so much that the have-nots have a lot that they do not have; what I mind that they should not be deprived of life essentials – mainly, food and medicines.

It is understandable that our whims and caprices in life should be deserving and hard-earned and even be prepared to be deprived of them – because they not essentials anyway.  However, it is totally a different story when it comes to food and to medicine.  These are vital to one’s quality of life and everyone should be provided with equal and fair access to them – it is integral or the very essence of one’s right to life.  When it comes to food and to medicine, there is no such thing as having less – both in quantity and in quality.  Everyone should be entitled to his/her fair share, regardless of whether they can afford it or not.  It is only when everyone – meaning every living soul on the planet, no matter how remote the geographical location – has been given his/her essential share that the excess may be apportioned according to one’s additional fortune in life.

With all the food that modern agricultural technology has produced, it is obscene and the epitome of immorality that anyone should be hungry.  It is precisely due to the commercialization of food that there is so much hunger (i.e., insufficiency) and deprivation (i.e., malnourishment, due to poor quality of food) in the world.

Due to the misguided importance given to wealth – over human life, over values, over what is right and good – our excess food production is diverted from feeding people to (a) selling to those who can pay a higher price for it, (b) biofuel producers – to feed cars – because it brings a higher revenue, and (c) animal feeds – grains and soybeans, principally, the cattle industry – to satisfy the perverted desire to eat meat.

In a recent article by Hesh Goldstein, “Nutrition 101: Part 6 – The Spiritual Side (Opinion)” [], dated March 24, 2012: “In Hawaii, 1 acre of land can produce 100 pounds of beef protein, every two years, or it can produce over 3,000 pounds of protein, from soybeans. … $17.42 will buy 4½ pounds of meat, containing 355 g of protein, or it will buy you 18 pounds of soybeans, containing 3,200 g of protein, or, nearly, 10 times as much protein, per penny. …”  This illustrates vividly how skewed our priorities and values and tastes are.

It continues with “Hunger is one result of an economic system, based on satisfying people’s wants, rather than their needs. …raising cattle, which consume 12 to 20 pound of protein, in the form of grains and [of] legumes, to produce 1 pound of meat.”  And, “One meat-eating person has the same effect, on world food resources, as five vegetarians, who get their protein, directly, from grains and [from] legumesIf the total protein avaliable, from these crops, grains and soybeans, we used, directly, by human beings, it could make up an estimated 90%, of the world’s protein deficiency.”

To put it another way, one hectare planted to grains and to legumes can feed more people within a month or two than feed a cow that requires years because it can be ready for slaughter.  Meat consumption is very uneconomical and environmentally unsustainable.

As for medicine, it is essential for people health.  When someone is sick or diseased, s/he is vulnerable.  And, as the saying goes, “Someone who takes advantage of the weakness of another is called…a COWARD!”  And, that is what modern (allopathic) mainstream medicine, what pharmaceutical companies, and what pharmaceutical distributors (i.e., the medical representatives, the pharmacies and the pharmacists, the hospitals and the clinics, etc) do – they take advantage of sick people’s weakness, just when they really need medicine to get back to health but is deprived due to a trivial matter of having insufficient or no means of procurement.

Commercializing or commoditizing medicine makes sick people (or their loved ones) desperate to acquire medicine at costs that often cost more than an arm and a leg.  On the other hand, if – like food – medicine is decommoditized or decommercialized, it would mitigate much of the global misery and suffering.

Finally, death should, likewise, not be commercialized.  As they say, death is the great equalizer.  However, it seems that even in death, there are those who are more equal than others.  It is bad enough that there is huge disparity between how the rich are treated at death and the poor, but it is beyond words and description that the dead of the poorest of the poor are not even accorded the barest minimum of human dignity – i.e., to be given a decent wake and burial.  Food, medicine, and death are high among the things that should never be commercialized/commoditized.  It is just evil.


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