Post for Mar 4-10 2012

TaN: Sustainable living leads and is key to sustainable development.  Sustainable means both working with nature – instead of against – and living with minimal excesses and wastes.

“Working with nature” means: (1) we produce and consume only what we need – as against what we want; (2) we preserve and conserve nature and its resources – as against whimsically exploiting nature as if it is infinite and ever-replenishing; and, (3) we commit to heart and mind that everything is only left in our stewardship – as against ownership, where we can do as we please with nary a care as to what happens.

Time and again, nature has demonstrated that “when push comes to shove”, it will not hesitate to retaliate and with all the resources it can muster.  We must bear in mind that we – i.e., today’s man – are governed primarily by our concept of wealth and we will not do anything that is not economically viable.  However, we must likewise remember that nature has no restrictions as to what it can bring to bear (against us) and can wipe out all our best efforts and schemes in the blink of an eye and without any remorse nor concern – remember Hurricane Katrina and the recent devastation at Fukushima Dai-ichi (Japan).

If we wish to continue existing in this world, we really have to reconsider the alternatives being presented by nature – that is to be more considerate, more concerned, more cautious, more circumspect in ALL of our actions towards the environment, keeping in mind that there is a universal equilibrium that nature adheres to and it does not do well for us to upset that balance beyond its “tolerable” point.  We are at the tipping point and we could go over the edge any moment now.

To compound the situation, most of the powers-that-be have chosen to pretend nothing is happening – and that is the worst kind.  There is a saying in Pilipino, “Ang pinakamahirap gisingin ay ang nagtutulog-tulogan (Those most difficult to wake are those who pretent to be asleep)”.  An approximate to this can be found in the lyrics of “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, “People hearing without listening“.  And the rest are no better, choosing to believe and be led down the path of perdition, to our destruction.

For those who chose not to be a part of this madness – even if it is accepted that the attempts will be futile – we chose to be the “abnormal” ones, those who recycle, re-use, reduce, and to maximize the use of whatever is available.  It is written in one of the Beatitudes, “Blessed as they who are persecuted (mocked and ridiculed) for the sake of righteousness (sustainable living and use of what God has so generously given/provided), for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:3-10.  Even if the odds are worse than a salmon swimming upstream, the truth, nevertheless, remains that IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER.

TaN: Is it ethical for some individuals to be wealthier than entire nations?  This is a rejoinder to the previous post (Feb 26-Mar 3 2012) – on huge (to put it mildly) wealth gap between the First World and wealthy nations and the Third World and developing countries.

If having countries awashed in wealth while others are plagued with misery, famine, and starvation is obscene and absurd, nothing short of unthinkably unacceptable and horrendously deplorable would be the description of people having more money than entire countries.  It should never come to this…but it has.  So the question now is “What are we going to do about it now?”

To (properly) solve this inexcusable situation, we must first get to the root of the problem – how and when did we start down this slippery road down to perdition?  To quote, once more, from the video “The Age of Stupid” (some 40 minutes, 30 seconds into the video), “Lots of ideas have tried to take over the world [communism, facism, religion, scientology, democracy], but there is only one winner…”.  Displayed in that segment were: Communism, Facism, Religion, Scientology, Democracy – and the final word was – CONSUMERISM (the only winner, the only one that was successful in dominating and controlling the world)!  Consumerism is the only concept – at least, according to the video – that has successfully encompassed, controlled, and manipulated the people.

By convincing – more coercing and cajoling rather than persuading – people to consume ever more each passing day, the masters of consumerism not only wreak irreparable damage to the environment (by mowing down forests, by excavating chasms and despoiling landscapes, by flattening mountains, by depleting and poisoning the waters, by ravaging wildlife, by polluting the atmosphere) but wrought havoc on trusting and impressionable people who believe that government and business are looking out for their best interests.

Wealth inequality was brought about by the clever convergence and seamless meshing of several events and factors – the establishent of formal education (courtesy of the Rockefellers), the purposeful application of marketing schemes and campaigns drawn from findings in studies on human behavior by psychologists, the rise and control of mass media, and the mass poisoning of the public mind by subjecting the brain to mind-altering narcotics and psychotics – including the use of fluoride – as well as other appetite-inducing chemicals and substances designed to ensure that people spend their meager hard-earned money on worthless but patented and protected products that funnel money to the rich.  [Just like future queen bees are fed special diets – apart from those given to ordinary worker bees – to prepare them for future roles of governorship, so is with children of the chosen elite (i.e., the rich) provided with a special education – apart from the droning or force feeding of skills and labor knowledge drummed into the children of the poor.]

People are indoctrinated into thinking that our wants (i.e., their products) are our needs, so essential that we cannot live without them.  We are hoodwinked into spending hard-earned meager wages on worthless and patented commodities – products from slave wages and forced and/or child labor costing but mere fractions of the selling price – that line the pockets of the rich.

For those among us more resistant to the pressure and the machinations, they attack our need or sense of belonging and our fear of ridicule or being discriminated upon by our peers and society – our fear to “go with the flow” less we be branded or be excommunicated as “not with the times”, as troublemakers, as outdated, as weird and abnormal, as insane.  They maintain groups of “toadies” and syncophants who will do their bidding without hesitation and question – no different from the paid crowd agitators and mob manipulators who instigated the crowd to chose Barabas over our Lord Jesus – to make certain that we “toe the line”.

By control our spending habits through consumerism, wealth is channeled from the poor to the rich.  It is one whole gigantic variation of the Ponzi scheme – where a chosen corporate elite controls a few mega and transnational coporations which, in turn, control the (US) government – through lobbies etc – that influences and strong arms other governments that enacts laws and regulations to control, manipulate, and exploit its own citizenry.  (May I invite you to watch the video by David Icke, “New World Order, Politics, Spirituality, Foods, GMO, Energy, Chi, Tyranny” –


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