Post for Mar 25-31 2012

TaN: “A fool and his money are soon parted” applies not only to wealth but to all.  In this world, there are the haves and the have-nots.  What sets them apart is their ability to be the slave or the master.  As written in an earlier post (Feb 12-18 2012), just because we are in possession of something does not necessarily mean that we are in control.  It could be that the possession is controlling us.  More often than not, since most people are not in the upper crust, it can safely be assumed that it is the possession that is controlling the possessor.

This is one of the primary reasons for rampant poverty everywhere, regardless of whether you are First or Third World.  Aside from being a state of mind – i.e., you are only poor once you have accepted your status and that there is nothing you can otherwise – poverty is, likewise, a case of being undeserving.  “Undeserving” may either mean that you are not yet ready or that you are incapable.

Take the case of many a lottery winner, where the winnings are just squandered away and nothing is left.  Because s/he did not have the right preparation to handle large sums of money, everything was an opportunity lost.

Another was a case where an ethnic tribe was taught how to grow coffee and sell it so they can have money and improve their lives.  What happened was that since they were only taught how to grow and sell coffee, after they sold the coffee, they did not know what to do with the money – since they never needed money, they just depended on what nature provides.  The end result was that the tribe became gamblers and alcoholics – their innocence (and gullibility) were exploited by the unscrupulous merchants and businessmen.  [This actually happened in a province in Southern Luzon.  There was good intention but there was ill-preparation.]

In this world, it is inevitable that there will be poor people, but this is because those who know and can never take time to help others.  We are too busy thinking of ourselves.  As Jesus taught us, “I am the Truth, the Light, and the Way.  None go to the Father but through Me.”  This can be interpreted in many ways and one of those ways is that Jesus is showing us by example that we are put in this world to serve others and not ourselves.  It is only in serving others that we truly serve ourselves, that we get satisfaction, we find everlasting and true happiness, we become fulfuilled, we attain eternal life, and we do the Father’s will.

TaN: Recommended daily dietary intake of any nutrient will not keep you healthy; the minimum nutrient level will.  There is a misconception – even among the so-called experts and the alternative or natural healing community – about what should be the recommended daily intake of a particular nutrient to get into or stay in health.  We forget that people at different states of (un)health and observing the recommended daily intake will not necessarily result in health.  This is one of the principal reason behind the conflicting and contradictory results and arguments on why it works for some while not for others.

Remembering that unhealthy people have either too much or too little of certain vital nutrients, we have to understand and realize that, unless and until we have determined just how too much or too little of the vital nutrients we have in our bodies, the recommended daily intake will always work for some and not for others.  [If you understand what I meant, your done; otherwise, continue reading.]

Suppose Person A is deficient of Nutrient X by 500 units, while Person B is deficient by 300 units.  A recommended daily intake of 400 units will bring Person B back to health but not Person A.  Moreover, should Person A’s diet be the culprit and s/he continues with that diet, s/he will always be deficient by 500 units a day and 400 units daily will not restore health.  So, we are going about it all wrong.  Instead of recommending what the daily intake should be, we should encourage people to have their levels of essential nutrients determined first.  And, we should establish the minimum level of each essential nutrient in the body for health rather than how much one should take in.  Finally, people should also be made to realize and understand that megadosing works only on certain occasions.  This is due to the body’s differing ability to absorb enormous amounts of particular nutrients within a short duration – like water-soluble nutrients are easier to absorb than fat-soluble ones.


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