Post for Apr 15-21 2012

TaN: First, it’s been a long time that I have done it but … HAPPY (EARTH and) BIRTH DAY to a dear (Dragon) friend this coming Sunday!

TaN: We can become diseased but we cannot get a disease.  In other words, people can go into a diseased state or status but cannot acquire it.  Disease is not something that is obtained because it is not a thing – it has no physical or material manifestation, not something you can hold or touch; it is not an object.  As explained in a previous post – refer to the 2nd TaN in the Post for Jan 29-Feb 4 2012 and in the previous post – disease has an internal cause.

Up until now – and, possibly, even for sometime into the future – most people and even the majority of so-called experts and authorities (in medicine, in science, and in the academe) will either stubbornly cling to their beliefs and what they have been taught or been used to or arrogantly protect their (bruised) ego rather than admit they were wrong all along.  People become diseased because they either are deficient in or has a substantial excess in particular vital nutrients or minerals.  To return to health is to simply address the cause (i.e., the deficiency or the excess) and not to add to the problem by taking in unrelated and totally unnecessary compounds – like toxic and bio-incompatible pharmaceuticals.

When we say we have a disease, we are implying that the “disease” is a totally separate and independent thing – like catching the influenza virus.  Disease is a state – the state of being in dis-ease – it is not something acquirable.  When we are saying that we are not well because we have acquired something, then we are sick.  Sickness encompasses disease because when you are sick – because you have been infected – you are expected not to be feeling well, ergo dis-eased.  One can be dis-eased without being sick, but not the other way around.

TaN: We have to learn to live together – in peace and cooperation – or we shall surely perish – as a species.  Unlike most – if not all – living organisms of the same family, most so if the same species, do not intentionally – intentionally, because for animals, accidental deaths occur, especially during the mating/rut season, kill each other.  It is the fundamental natural law of survival of the species – that species do not drive itself into extinction.

Man is the only creature (undeniably) known to, not only, kill other creatures – often for the fun of it, like sports hunting – but even its own kind – as in murder.  To extend the argument, there are many (modern) forms of killing others: intentional (murder, including lynching and euthanasia) – individual or small scale, unintentional (homicide and manslaughter) – individual or small scale, intentional (genocide and terrorism) – wholesale or grand scale, unintentional (war and armed conflicts, including rebellion, coup d’etat, revolution, etc).

And then there are the “for-profit” victims, who are the unwitting targets of “enterprising” but unscrupulous businesses who put profit and financial gain before the welfare and wellbeing of people, who espouse the twisted idea that today’s so-called lifestyle diseases have no (known) cure – at least, the cure is still in the process of being found, despite the fact that it has been going on for more than two decades now and still no cure in horizon – and in contrast to common sense that tells us that “things that have a beginning must always have an end”, and who willingly serve as lab animals to test the efficacy of the toxic chemical pharmaceuticals and hazardous protocols by patronizing untested products (drugs, devices, etc) and procedures.

And likewise the “patriotic” but gullible, who, in the name of freedom, democracy, and whatever concepts that works, pay the ultimate price by laying down their lives and/or execute the ultimate evil take innocent lives – especially the children, the elderly, and the disabled – by their participation (directly, through their physical presence and act, or indirectly, through payment of taxes and purchasing products).

For as long as we continue to cling to our concepts of private property (rather than common good), of citizenship (read: racial and cultural profiling) and of sectarianism (rather than community and universal brotherhood), of punitive and retributive justice (rather than forgiveness and compassion), of secrecy – as in patents, IPRs, and copyrights – (rather than open and sharing things and ideas of common benefit), of competitive rivalry (rather than collaborative cooperation), and of consumerism (rather than responsible use and stewardship of natural resources), we will always be at the precipice of self-extinction.

As they, it is better to build bridges instead of walls.  Living with walls is not living; we are all in this together, in the same “boat”.  It is not as if, after destroying this world, we have another world to migrate to.  Regardless of whether we can find a habitable planet somewhere out there, there will still be the big problem of how to get everybody there.  So far, none of the “nearby” planets and star systems have shown to be habitable and it is very unlikely that we will ever find one – regardless of what statistics and the laws of probability say.  To quote, “We have to learn to hang together or we are surely going to hang separately.”


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