Post for May 6-12 2012

TaN: Business (today) is mainly center on income and profit and this always leads to unnecessary waste and unsustainability.  Business started out as a means by which we can make life easier and more pleasant.  This is achieved by creative innovations and inventions.  People used to converge at the public market not so much as to do commerce and make money but to exchange news about events that have happened in the week.  Earning is secondary to socialization and communication.

It was when profit-making overtook socialization and communication that things began to take a turn for the worse…and it has been going downhill ever since, accelerating ever faster through the ages.  With the introduction and institutionalization of the so-called competition, under the guise of improving efficiency, things went from worse to irreversible catastrophe.  Business rivalry, no matter how friendly, began to harvest natural resources at break neck speeds for raw materials to make products to be rushed to the consumer.

It is bad enough that a corporation manufactures products in excess to ensure maximum sale and garner maximum profits, the excess or unsold products eventually end up in the trash.  This means that the raw materials that went into the production of unsold products are never used – i.e., the product was a waste and the raw materials were harvested or mined for nothing.  As for the sold product, consumers are “encouraged” or “bullied” to be “tired” of it so a newer product can be purchased – to add to the trash in the landfill.

Finally, imagine that, due to competition, there are more than one corporate entity engaged in making goods that go through the same process and experience.  Multiply that by other businesses, each doing their own thing, to produce commodities that satisfy our wants, instead of our needs.  This is the state we are in today and will continue to be in until either Judgment Day or when we come to our senses and put our foot down to all this nonsense.  To continue in this manner and at this accelerating pace is unnecessary, unsustainable, and foolish.

TaN: “Corporatization” is not “privatization”.  It is understandable that people erroneously interchange the use of and confuse “corporatization” with “privatization”.  It is easy and it is not unexpected.  However, the two are vastly different and it is dangerous to mistake one for the other.

“Privatization”, simply, means “to transfer control and use to (private) business for the common good, for the purpose of benefiting everyone or the majority”; whereas, “corporatization” is the transfer of control to (private) business, where it will be used for financial gains even if it will be to benefit the public.  In the latter, there is the extra character of putting profit and, frequently, “personal” gains are given priority ahead of or over the welfare and interests of the public and/or the consumer.

The danger is, once profit takes precedence over public interests, not only does the public end up the loser but there is the tendency for the corporate entity to “encourage” more nefarious activities or events that will further increase profits.  Take the case of the “corporatization” of prisons, where there is increasing incidents of crimes being committed because the corporate management will earn more if there are more criminals imprisoned.

On the other hand, government should only be in the business of ensuring a “level playing field”, of encouraging more employment opportunities, of protecting the interest of the population, and of spurring economic activity but not at the expense of the environment.

It is therefore essential that whenever government can turn over control and management of some of its functions to the private sector that it is privatized and not corporatized.

TaN: It is not possible to go back in time – especially, if you are a Christian.  This is not to say that it is not possible to time travel.  In fact, we are all time travelers – because we travel through time as we live out our lives.  However, going back in time is a totally different thing.  As mentioned, it runs counter to the belief of Christians because, should it be possible that we can travel back in time, then the End Times becomes impossible.  We will just keep going back in time to avoid the End Times.


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