Post for May 13-19 2012

TaN: The problem with titles and degrees is that people – i.e., the title and the degree holders – eventually become dependent on them, instead of the Truth and what is Right.  This is precisely why, in One Solitary Life, it is said that Jesus “…was born in an obscure village (not to a wealthy or noble family in a great city)…never owned a homenever wrote a booknever went to collegenever put His foot inside a big cityhad no credentials but Himselfnever held office…”.

The point of it all is that we have been given sharp minds and two ears, let us use them properly.  Listen to the message and not focus on the messenger; discern the message.  St Thomas Aquinas was supposed to have said, The truth, even if it comes from a liar, is still the Truth.  We tend to take the easy way, to depend on the credentials of the messenger to determine whether the message is true or not.  Often, even if the messenger is sincere and truthful in his message, it does not necessarily mean that s/he is speaking the Truth.

Titles and degrees, today, are “a dime a dozen”, but people – probably because it is (partly) being bolstered and perpetuated by conventional practices and (partly) because it is extremely difficult for a well-educated and/or public personality held in high esteem to admit that s/he is wrong, had been misled, had been a victim of an orchestrated conspiracy to hoodwinked the majority.  This is very similar to the physicians who receive large stipends and honoraria and benefits by being lecturers and “pushers” for Big Pharma; they will never admit that their toxic pharmaceuticals they are endorsing do more harm than good.  One of the most difficult thing for man to do is admit s/he is wrong.

I find it disheartening that people who have pledged (the Hippocratic oath) to First Do No Harm are permitting themselves to be a party to pushing toxic pharmaceuticals on unsuspecting and trusting patients.  And for what?  Money?  Fame?  How low?  How cheap?  How pitiful can such learned people get?

Finally, this reminds of an anecdote told me by a friend where an ordinary man was telling fishmongers that transporting live fish can be economical by inducing the fish to sleep/hibernate.  This way, the fish will not need to be in a lot of water – which is costly to transport since water is heavy.  No one listened, not until he got his Master degree and reiterated his technology.  This time people listened.  Then he asked, why is it that people listen to me now that a have a degree when what I am saying now is exactly the same as when I had no degree?  Is this not the epitome of hypocrisy?

TaN: Same sex marriage…what?  Same sex marriage is a sham and I am risking a barrage from supporters and advocates.  Nevertheless, I maintain that by just the mere definition, there can be no such thing.

Marriage has many aspects and rationales behind each aspect.  In the most fundamental aspect – i.e., physical – its purpose is for procreation.  Unless and until there are children born the a married couple, it can be said that there was no consumation of a marriage.

If the LGBTs want to experience the same benefits of marriage without having to be engage with another gender, there is always a legal contract.  A marriage, for all intents and purposes and in a social setting, is nothing more than a contract between two people who promise to live and respond to social demands and duties and responsibilities as a unit.  The only significant difference between a marriage contract and any other contract is the expiration – it expires upon the death of one or both parties.

[Note: The finals words of the marriage vow is “till death do us part” AND NOT “TILL DIVORCE, LEGAL SEPARATION, ANNULMENT,…DO US PART”.  Divorce and such means of severing the marriage vow does not only make a mockery of the sanctity of the vow but constitute a breach of contract.  By argument, one should be able to sue for perjury or deception or premature termination.]


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