Post for May 20-26 2012

TaN: For the Nth time, the Supreme Court is SUBORDINATE TO THE IMPEACHMENT COURT!  It seems that some people have become so engrossed with the whole technicality thing that they lost their common sense – a clear case of “not being able to see the forest from the trees”.

It does not take a genius to understand the simple argument that: (1) to take unilateral action (like removal from office) against another is only possible if and only if one is in a higher position of authority and not by one who is a co-equal and much less a subordinate – like your boss can hire and fire you but not vice versa; (2) the (Senate) impeachment court is tasked to remove (from office) government officials who are otherwise immune from suit or any legal action – such as the president, the vice-president, the Supreme Court justices, the heads of Constitutional bodies (like the Ombudsman and the Commission on Elections); and, (3) the most important of all, Truth and Justice above all, not even the Fundamental Law should stand in the way of the people’s right to the Truth and to Justice – notwithstanding the upholding of the rule of law.

There is nothing the Supreme Court can do to counter the proceedings, the actions, the sanctions, the verdicts of an impeachment court because the latter has the power to remove any of their members from office.  Moreover, barring the AMLA, Truth and Justice demands that the spirit of the law, instead of the letter of the law, be observed and pursued.  Finally, it must be remembered always that impeachment is a political process and not a criminal one, which means that even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, an impeachable official may be removed from office at the whim of the impeachment court.  Of course, what kind of message will such a move convey if some semblance of due process was not carried out or observed prior to removal.  Nevertheless, the due process and observance of fairness and justice is only a preference and not a requirement – hence the statement of the Hon Chiz Escudero regarding acceding to the popular will of the people rather than the outcome of the impeachment proceedings.

TaN: The trouble with being specific in recommending what is healthy is people’s tendency to go overboard – to their own detriment and to the discrimination of all others that are just as healthy or better – causing in an unprecedented and unintended imbalance.  We are very simplistic in this way.  We want a “silver bullet”, a “one solution solves all” answer to all our problems.  This is not the way things work.  The very reason (and infinite wisdom of God) that we are gifted with superior intellect – with logic and with discernment – is that we have to use it (properly).

This tendency is at the heart of the confusion as to why evidence shows that certain foods are healthy and yet people experience otherwise.  Again, oversimplification is a substantial factor.  People are ever so eager to think of and believe in a “magic bullet” that answer all their health problems and conditions and failing to realize that being healthy means being in equilibrium.  To go “overboard” with a particular nutrient – to the detriment or at the expense of the others – creates an imbalance resulting in diseases and sickness – the exact opposite of what is desired.

To be healthy, one must be in equilibrium – i.e., all elements are in approximate proportion or ratio to the other nutrients.  Whenever one nutrient is significanfly in excess or deficient, there will always be disease or sickness – even if the said nutrient is one that is essential for health.  And, this is frerquently the primary reason why people get sick despite taking healthy foods or nutrients.

Moreover, people are likewise ever so eager to permit others to do the thinking for them that they unwittingly permit themselves to be manipulated for the nefarious agenda or intentions of others – even if these others are supposed to be trustworthy.  Furthermore, most people – even the so-called experts – have either do not realize or arrogantly will not admit to their error in understanding that to resolve health and medical problems and conditions, one must acknowledge the fact that: (1) many different medical complications have identical symptoms and manifestations and (2) it is the harmonious balance of all elements that is the key to health and not just one “superstar” that is responsible for overall health.

Finally, before one takes a specific nutrient to resolve a health or medical condition, one must first determine whether the condition is caused by an excess or a deficiency of the nutrient, otherwise the condition could be aggravated instead of being addressed.  In this light, I wish that well-meaning experts and specialists take greater precaution and concern in dispensing recommendations for health and for medical problems.

TaN: Conventional or mainstream medicine, otherwise known as “heroic” medicine, is the real alternative medicine – not natural nor homeopathic nor Ayuverdic nor TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) nor naturopahtic medicine.  Conventional or mainstream medicine is also called allopathic medicine.  In Greek, “allo” means “other”, “alternative”, or “differing from normal, reversal, or referring to another”.  Let us set things straight and not perpetuate this mis-information.

There is room for both forms of medicine.  It is not necessary for conventional medicine to hog the glory.  Some medical situations require immediate and fast (of course, safe and effective) solutions or remedies.  Natural medicine is preventive therefore it is expected to be “slower” – i.e., it is time-intensive.  Allopathic medicine is “heroic” because it “rescues” victims/patients from certain and immediate danger or death.

When a person is stabbed, natural medicine is of little help, especially when the wound is deep and near vital organs.  I wish the two sides can learn to work with each other than against each other.  It is said that when two rowers in a boat row in opposite direction, the boat gets nowhere.  At most, it just goes around in circles.  Rowing in the same direction not only gets you somewhere, but less energy is expended.  The problem is when Greed rears its ugly head.  Yes, whenever money gets into the picture…IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.


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