Post for Jun 17-23 2012

TaN: Foreign workers (to provide the unskilled or semi-skilled labor en masse of another country) are a disgrace to any country.  Each country should create jobs for its own people.  This is the only way that a reliable and sustainable future can be assured.  To depend on foreign (mass) employment is foolishness.

Each country will, by nature, look out for its own people.  For undeveloped (including underdeveloped) country with rich natural resources, it will permit foreign talents to enter the country (or send their own people to other countries) for the purpose of acquiring and establishing an adequate talent pool to subsequently become independent of others.  For as long as a country is dependent on another country’s workers for most of its labor requirements, it is vulnerable.  It is open to economic sabotage and terrorism.

The other way around is likewise true.  For as long as a country is dependent on another country for most of its employment needs, the host country can abruptly sever ties and/or expel all expatriates.  And, if the labor-providing country has no jobs waiting for the returning workers, unemployment will soar and the collateral problems will follow.

It is nothing to boast that one’s labor is in demand in many other countries because it only reflects on one’s own inability to provide jobs for one’s own people.  This is equivalent to a family with members sitting idly and being a burden to others.

It is one thing to provide expert labor to aid another country develop and improve, but it should be temporary.  It is an entirely different situation altogether to provide expertise on a “permanent” basis.  This is a bad situation for both the host country and the country providing the labor.

TaN: The continued and increased emphasis or preference for money – under the guise of (modern) economic growth – is at the very root of the global crisis.  This includes man and environment.

People everywhere – and not just the uneducated but even the most educated – have been “convinced” that money is the key, the (only) means, the end-all to attain and achieve everything and anything we so desire in life – that, without it, nothing is possible.  And, that even values, rights, and freedoms must be sacrificed at the altar of money – under the guise of economic growth, nothing must stand in the way of economic growth, not even human dignity, dignity of labor, human rights, labor rights and working conditions…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Don’t get me wrong – I am not against economic growth.  However, economic growth must not be achieved at the expense of expediency, of human dignity and of human rights, of the common good, of human flourishment, and of even the environment and nature.  As was (and still is) written in the Holy Scriptures, “…the love of money (not money itself) is the root of all evil…” [1 Timothy 6:10] and, today, “economic growth” and “economic activity” are synonymous and interchangeable with money.  And, whenever money enters into the picture, regardless of what they say or insist or whatever justification, it is (and will always be) the money.

For once, I would like to have a serious discussion where money does not appear anywhere – where money or economic viability or feasibility is not given any consideration.

Moreover, I am not saying that money is not important, that money has no place, that money does not matter – it does, but, in many instances, not that much, not as much importance as most people give it credit for.  Money has its place in society, just not where most people put it – up on a pedestal.  Again, it is written – both in Matthew 6:33 and in Luke 12:31 – “…seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and everything else shall be added unto you…”.  Let us (re-)focus on what is important, which is in Matthew 6:20, “…lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal…”.  Know our priorities and the rest of whatever we desire will follow on their own and accordingly.

Let us not just think of ourselves but put the wellbeing of others before us.  For if we think only for ourselves, we have only ourselves to depend on, whereas if we think of others and others are the same, millions will be caring for you.  Let us put people before everything else and this includes the environment because man, like it or not, is an integral and inseparable part of nature (the environment) and to remove ourselves is to embrace destruction and extinction.  Man cannot exist outside of nature; we are totally dependent on nature and what we do to nature will redound to us many times over – beneficially or detrimentally.  Not only to we get our nourishment, our clothing, our shelter from nature, our very bodies are made up of materials from nature.  It is foolish to think – even for a moment – that we do not or will eventually not need nature.  This is sheer and utter nonsense.


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