Post for Jun 24-30 2012

TaN: When one is sincere in desiring to know the wisdom of God and willing to accept whatever enlightenment He provides, one will always get it.  What we consider as flashes of inspiration or bright ideas are actually enlightenment from God.

When we open ourselves to Him, we receive much wisdom and insight and become aware of Truth – sometimes referred to as an epiphany.  Most of the revelations I come to realize and comprehend comes from trusting and opening myself to Divine Inspiration and Wisdom.  I slowly begin to understand many of the wonders and mysteries of the world around.  The only reason why I do not get them all at the same time is God knows I cannot handle it – that much that soon.

As they say, In His time; everything comes to us in His time.

TaN: People do not get sick because of viruses, of bacteria, of fungi, nor of any other reason – except that our body is weak (from being acidic).  According to the late Louis Pasteur, his “germ theory” argues that among the things that make people sick or diseased are tiny organisms that invade and attack our body.

He is (partly) correct in the sense that the tiny organisms are the agents that initiate and are directly involved in the process of breaking down the tissues and the cells.  However, it is not true that they invade the body because there are bacteria and viruses all around everywhere at all times.  Every time we inhale, we take in millions of these tiny organims and there are countless microbes in and on our body – on the skin, in the blood, in the tissues, but mostly in the gut or intestines.

In fact, in a recent article (please refer to: or or or or, it is said that there are more than 10,000 different species of bacteria in our body at all times.  These microbes not only make up a significant part of our body weight – estimated to be a few kilograms – but they are vital to digesting our food and to keeping out bodies healthy.

Moreover, how is it that when you put dead organic matter beside a living organism, only the dead matter is “attacked” and decomposed and leaving the living organism untouched?  How do the decomposers differentiate between dead and living matter, so much so that they are able to avoid degrading the living and only “process” the dead matter?  And even if we assume, for argument’s sake, that the dead matter is broken down first, why do they not move on to the adjacent living organism and repeat the process of decomposition?

The “secret” in all this is the state of pH balance.  Nature considers an acidic state as a dead or dying state, while an alkaline state is a healthy or living state.  When something is acidic, it is assumed that it is dead or dying and, therefore, must be broken down to its elements, whereas something alkaline is left alone because it is alive and healthy.  This explains why decaying matter has an acidic smell and taste.  This also (partially) explains why people with acidic body states experience sickness or disease and “germs” attack it.  The acidic environment triggers the microbes into activity – doing their job is breaking down the compounds into the elemental forms.

In conclusion, the bacteria and the viruses already present in our bodies are kept in inactive statuses by the alkaline environment.  Once our body becomes acidic for an extended period of time, these microorganisms go into action and begin their “deadly” work.

For a more insight or information, read the findings of Antoine Beauchamp – the archrival of Louis Pasteur.  A good read is:


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