Post for Jul 15-21 2012

TaN: Water is the most intriguing substance yet known to man.  I shall digress from the usual and go into something I find equally fascinating.  Water has traits that are not only distinct but controversially contradictory to most other substances; its behavior defies established concepts and standards.

One, it is the only known substance that has properties so unique and distinct that it runs counter to most established science laws – like it expands when it cools rather than contract, nothing burns when it is completely without water, and its elements are composed of the only combustible elements of nature (i.e., Hydrogen and Oxygen).

In addition, there is the work of Dr Masaru Emoto with water and its “mysterious behavior”.  I suspect that water molecules have the most variation in arrangements of any (known) substance and it is these different arrangements that give water its myriad of properties – depending on the structural arrangements of the molecules.

A case in point is how differently plants (seem to) behave or exhibit when it is hydrated with tap or treated water and with rainwater.  Rainwater appears to make it more vibrant and “alive” than (chemically treated) tap water.  Another evidence is the time if takes to dry laundry soaked in tap water as against in rainwater.

Dr Emoto found out that water is easily influenced by external sources – like other substances (one of the fundamentals or pillars in homeopathy and, to some degree, the basis of many conventional allopathic chemical protocols or therapies) and like our “feelings”.

It is in the nature of water to dissolve – hence its title of being the universal solvent – and it is almost impossible to find pure water in nature (which gives credence to the argument that pure water is not healthy water – but it does not mean that impure water is healthy).  Water tends to dissolve anything it comes in contact with and this causes it to acquire the properties of the dissolved substance.  However, in homeopathy, it is argued (in the Law of Minimum) that the lesser the quantity, the greater its beneficial effect and the quantity and its beneficial effect are inversely related and proportional.

As far as Dr Emoto’s work is concerned, he discovered that spoken words or even labels influence the properties of water.  In one of many experiments, he uttered “curse” words and “praise” words, froze the water, sliced them thinly and examined them under a microscope.  He found that the hexagonal pattern – characteristics of ice crystals and of snowflakes – look very differently.  Those “praised” exhibited the normal clear beautiful symmetrical hexagonal patterns while those “cursed” tended to be erratic and blurry and dirty.  In another experiment, he attached “positive” (like angel and like beautiful) and “negative” (like Hitler and like death) words on the container, froze the water, sliced and examined them under a microscope.  The results were consistent with other experiments.

In nature, the reason why ice floats and bodies of water are frozen at the surface but remain liquid underneath is because water, at first, contracts as it cools.  However, upon reaching a certain temperature – reportedly, 4 degrees Celsius – it expands a little before repeating at freezing point to its final expansion volume.  This is why and how aquatic and marine life continue despite the water surface freezing over.

Finally, it is the only substance that exists in all three states – i.e., gaseous or vapor, liquid, and solid – in nature at the same time.

TaN: It is not wise – in today’s world – to have a staple food.  Even since the beginning, food is at the core of any living and man is no exception.  In today’s capitalist consumerism world, for a people to be dependent on a staple food is to become a potential target or victim.  Because of the knowledge that a people is dependent on a certain food and because of insatiable and unbridled lust for wealth, unscrupulous people tend to scheme to corner, control and manipulate the production, the distribution, and the pricing of essential items to their advantage.  To be dependent on a particular food is to become vulnerable.  It is wise and prudent for a people to have a diversified diet – not only for the sake of nutrition and of health but to reduce vulnerability, as well as to ensure biodiversity and nature’s equilibrium.

Because not all the vital nutrients can be found in a single food item, it is wise to have a diverse (and balanced) diet to encourage and maintain health.  A diverse diet means that we are flexible – in the event that one food item becomes scarce or unavailable, we can simply and easily shift and adapt to other food items to satisfy our needs.  And, in a diverse diet, no particular food item is given preference over another.  This means that there is no overplanting of preferred food items and underplanting of undesired food items.  The key to nature equilibrium is biodiversity – where diversity is the reason behind nature’s constant cycle and continued existence.

With the artificial world of business (created by man), there is a tendency to sideline the common good for the selfish self-interest of an individual or singular entity.  The food crises that have beset man all over the world repeatedly in the past has largely been due to the machinations of greedy people to the detriment of the many.  The world has become too dependent on grains as its staple food source and, with the shifting of fuel source from fossil sources to renewables, machines – specifically and principally transport vehicles and engines of industry plus the generating facilities – are competing more and more with man for grains as a source of fuel.  In many instances all over the world, the needs of machines are given preference over the stomachs of the hungry and poverty-stricken masses.  Among the manifestations is the increasing incidences and reportage of land grabs not only by mega corporations and transnational conglomerates but even by governments.


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