Post for Jul 22-28 2012

TaN: One principal cause behind rampant corruption is putting “children” into the work force.  I am not saying that the predominant educational structure of most countries – where our employable youths enter the work force at an age when most of their peers in other countries are still in school.

There are two principal forms of intelligence of man and they develop and mature at different rates – intellectual and emotional.  Intellectual intelligence takes little time and effort to develop while emotional intelligence is more complicated and needs more time.  Intellectual intelligence merely requires remembering and understanding – remembering and understanding events and the environment.

Emotional intelligence is more complicated and requires a lenghtier process and duration of development.  It involves learning to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of a given situation and deciding on the most beneficial options to a desired outcome.  This will require imaginative and creative skills – aside from the store of information from the memory component of the intellect – to evaluate the situation and the circumstances.

Imagination and the creative process require and involve the manipulation of previous or past experiences and stored knowledge to fit different possible future scenarios in order that arrive at the most beneficial outcome.   To relate this to the initial pronouncement, the term “children” did not refer to the biological nor the chronological age or status of physiological development but rather was meant to describe the maturity or level of development of emotional intelligence where an individual is capable of discerning the appropriate and moral decisions and actions when confronted with a dilemma or tempted by things improper or unethical.  In conclusion, one significant and vital key to much of the wave of unethical practices and events sweeping all over the world is that there are too many people who are not ready – because they are not emotionally mature enough – to resolve the dilemma, the conflicts of interest, and other situations requiring emotional intelligence.

TaN: Man must work WITH nature – Not Against.  Since nature will always bring itself back into equilibrium whenever forces cause imbalances and since it does not cost nature anything – i.e., there is no economic or financial value attached – whatever man does to cause nature to become imbalanced will be met with a reactionary response so nature returns to equilibrium.

The more out of balance we cause on nature, the more effort nature exerts to return to balance.  This is one reason for the rash of ever-increasing – in intensity and in devastation – weather phenomena and climate anomalies that is sweeping and spreading all over the world (from catastrophic quakes and tsunamis to widespread crop failures from droughts and floods and to tornadoes and hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones and to never-before-encountered exotic and apocalyptic diseases).  This is inclusive of man-made and self-imposed plagues such as resistant strains of viruses and genetically-altered pestilences.

In our arrogance, we dared to tamper with Pandora’s box and now we reap the wrath of the ills and the scourges we have released upon ourselves.

With the best of intentions, we dam up rivers to generate power and provide more reliable irrigation but we submerge vast tracts of forests and landscapes that exterminate entire endemic wildlife biodiversity and drive away farmers and herdsmen whose ancestors have settled and co-existed peacefully with their surroundings for generations.  We clear vast expanses of thriving woodlands and grasslands to make way for food production but kill off the food supply of local fauna and now they turn to our livestocks and our agricultural fields for their subsistence.  We drain marshes and wetlands to establish settlement areas and now the original occupants begin to mingle with us – as in the increasing incidents of intrusions and of encounters with alligators, with raccoons, with deer, with foxes, with snakes, with spiders, with jellyfish, with all the denizens of the wild that used to avoid contact with man until we encroached into their habitats, their territory.

Then we employ expensive and costly methods of control and of extermination to keep them at bay only to face even more resilient replacements that are less affected by our futile and puny attempts to subdue nature – floods, land- and mudslides, quakes, tidal waves and tsunamis, droughts, wild fires, deluges, storm surges, and other even more powerful and awesome “weapons” in nature’s arsenal that we have not even dreamed of nor the slightest inkling of how to respond to.

We are at a critical crossroads – or tipping point – where we must realize it is high time we back down on our onslaught or there won’t be anything nor anyone left to pick up the pieces once nature is through with us.  As in the poem, Little Things, “Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty oceans and the pleasant landSo the little minutes, humble though they be make the mighty ages of eternity.”

Let us not under-estimate the power that is wielded by great multitudes when they act in unison and singleness of purpose.  Nor should we be so smug in our arrogance and our insanity to even consider that our intelligence gives us the birthright to do as we please with the world when, in fact, we cannot exist outside or independent of nature.


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