Post for Jul 29-Aug 4 2012

TaN: Conversion to electric from fossil fuel is not all that sustainable.  True sustainability means all elements are biodegradable and reasonably harmless.  “Reasonably harmless” means that the damage done or harm inflicted is expected or part of the natural cycle or events.

Take the case of when one eats fruit and the peel or discards are left just anywhere on the ground.  The discards would constitute trash which is some sort of pollution.  However, this “pollution” is biodegradable and does not really pose any real danger because its rate of biodegradation is rapid – unlike man-made trash that take years, decades, and, in the case of plastics, centuries and millennia to degrade.  Moreover, man-made trash merely degrades while trash from nature biodegrades.

Returning to electric alternatives – like batteries – though there is no toxic emissions, there is still the matter of end-of-productive-life disposal, when the power cells have ended their productive life.  Since the components can be and are frequently toxic – like cadmium, like mercury – proper disposal becomes one of the most critical issues due to the possibility of leaching into the environment and into the groundwater.  It would be good if there are proper disposal facilities easily and readily accessible and that people are aware, concerned, and responsible enough to ensure that the spent batteries are properly disposed of.

The other concern about spent batteries is that the components are usually not recyclable – either because the components themselves are non-recyclable or those that can be recycled may be contaminated.  Unless and until the components can be recycled, continued production and use of such batteries will only accumulate and, eventually, become big problems.

Finally, there is also the process of producing the batteries.  Is it sustainable – in the true sense and meaning of the word and not business’ definition.

TaN: When something has a price, money is (always) the priority.  Whenever money gets into the picture, it is the money – it is always about the money, no two ways about it.  As the Holy Scriptures have warned, “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” – 1 Timothy 6:10 [KJV].

This world – i.e., the material universe – has been created for our COMMON benefit.  It is wrong, an absolute travesty, to put a price on anything.  God may have wanted us to care for and develop it, but putting a price on it was never in His desire.  His intention when He said, “…and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” – Genesis 1:28 [KJV].

First, when we were commanded to “subdue it and have dominion”, God intended that we use of wisdom – not just knowledge – to learn and develop it, not improve on it – for we can never improve on God’s work.  We were meant to benefit from exploring and experiencing His creations, hence the subdue (i.e., to work it) and the dominion (i.e., to learn from it).

It is only through working together, through sharing, through cooperating and collaborating, that we can make this world work for all…equitably.  Putting a price on it won’t work and certainly will not help.

TaN: The only truth is that “The Truth shall set you free.”  It is not true that “The Truth hurts.”  The Truth is simply “That which is.”  The Truth is both absolute and relative.

Truth that is apart from man is absolute.  Hence, truth about nature, about the intangibles, about God are absolute – for GOD IS TRUTH.  Whereas, truth about man is relative.  In fact, everything that is about man is relative.  This is because man is the only creation of God that has free will.  It is a basic element for morality.

One cannot be moral (or immoral) without free will.  Free will necessary in order to be able to decide, to choose…between good and evil, between right and wrong, between God and the Lucifer.  Whatever happens, we have no one else to blame but ourselves, even if there are mitigating circumstances or so-called “forces beyond out control” or our anticipation.

Relativity of Truth is man’s truth.  Because man is limited – our knowledge, our wisdom, our capabilities, our imagination – our truth becomes relative.  It becomes dependent on the intent or motive.

In order to be the Truth, it must be complete, but only absolute Truth can be complete.  Because we cannot know the complete Truth, our Truth becomes dependent on the amount of Truth that we know – i.e., it is relative to how much of the complete truth we know.  Therefore, our (relative) Truth is Truth based on partial knowledge, but the intention is there.  We do (and should) not intentionally avoid knowing the whole truth but our partial knowledge is due to our inability to know the whole truth.  Finally, if there are actions or decisions based on our (limited) truth, it must be understood and made manifestly clear that, the instant more knowledge of the truth is known, we should take all necessary actions and steps to make amendments and adjustments to correct our previous actions or decisions – should it become necessary.


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