Post for Aug 19-25 2012

TaN: Just as it is not fair to conclude that all Arabs or Islamists are terrorist (just because many “publicized” terrorists are Arabs or Islamists), so it is unjust to conclude that fraternities should be prohibited due to the (limited) number of deaths resulting from hazing.  Although one death is one death too many, still the fact remains that deaths from hazing (as compared to the number of fraternities and to the history of fraternities) is quite rare.  Furthermore, the recent deaths was exacerbated by the close proximity – in time, not distance.

The proper response (for my two-centavos worth) to deaths resulting from hazing is not to ban fraternities – because it will just drive them underground and will become much more difficult to monitor and supervise – but to bring them together and elicit a commitment as well as (if they continue to behave like children) be treated like children.  Fraternities that violate certain policies or commit immoral acts should be sanctioned; those that do not should suffer the same fate – because that would be improper, unjust, and unethical for school authorities.

As in the old saying, One does not right a wrong by another wrong.

TaN: Power does not come from possession…it comes from use.  Just as knowledge is not power but rather wisdom is power, power comes from application.  Some may argue that possession has potential power but potential is still just potential.  Not until something is used does it have power (or influence or effect).

This is similar to someone dear who once asked me if the money in my pocket is mine.  She said the proof of ownership is in the usage, because if it is not yours, then you cannot spend it.

So it is the same with power.  A gun is not powerful until it is fired.  A knife is not powerful until it cuts.  A bomb has no power until it explodes.  Power is or comes from usage…not mere possession.


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