Post for Sep 9-15 2012

TaN: Most people I come across and who have health problems but claim to want relief are either not sincere or serious enough in their desire or do not fully realize and comprehend what needs to be done.  This one major reason behind the failure of many natural healing protocols that should have worked, but didn’t.

When one is ill or healthfully unbalanced, it is usually the result of doing something wrong that upset the delicate equilibrium of our health.  And, in the case of a chronic condition, it is principally caused by bad lifestyle choices – or just bad lifestyle.

Even when there are remedies – natural or allopathic – if the primary cause of the health imbalance is not properly addressed, any therapy or treatment protocol will just be an exercise in futility.  It is for this reason – i.e., not addressing the main cause of the imbalance – that any remedy will not work or, if it does, will be effective at the onset but will eventually either end up with an imbalance (either with the same condition or “back to square one” or with another condition or with a combination).

For those in the business of profiting from treating illnesses, this is an ideal situation because it means or ensures repeat business – never mind if the patient does not get well.  However, for those who are serious in returning people to health, all work will be moot without addressing the root cause of the condition.

Restoration of equilibrium requires that the sufferer go through a process which begins with the first and most important step – STOP DOING WHAT IS WRONG or what caused the condition in the first place.  In fact, the first step addresses (qualitatively) half of the protocol.  The rest is simply providing the needed assistance to restore health – either providing whatever is deficient or reducing or removing whatever is in excess or should not be present.

In deficiencies, most of the time it concerns inactivity.  It is said that, in the past, people were paid to work (as in involving plenty of physical activity); today, people are paid to sit (as in involving almost no physical activity – cars, elevators, escalators, air-conditioning, telephones, etc).  A secondary concern is in food or nutrition when people do not observing the five qualities that make food healthful: raw or unheated, whole, natural, in season, and local.

In the case of excesses, most of the time it concerns pollution or (unhealthy) stress.  People fill their bodies with so much pollutants that an imbalance is created and the body’s natural mechanisms are overwhelmed (even just temporarily).  If the pollutants are constantly and consistently bombarding the body, restoration of equilbrium may either take a very long time or become impossible (because the systems and mechanisms may become exhausted and breakdown).  This is where a chronic condition comes into existence and allopathic medicine’s claim that their protocol becomes a life-long routine.

Whenever I have people come to me for assistance but refuses to “change their ways”, there is nothing I can help.  The best that can be done is to alleviate or provide mitigating protocols but it will just be prolonging the inevitable and very expensive…in the end, all for nothing.

TaN: When the Holy Scriptures mentioned (among other things) that “…who cannot lie…” [KJV], it must be a mistake in translation.  To be all powerful and all good, God should be able to do evil…but only that He chooses not to, otherwise He would not powerful.  In fact, proof of absolute power is not to give in to temptation, to show who is the REAL BOSS.

“Cannot” implies an inability and an inability means one is not powerful because there is incapability or incapacity.  With neither malice nor sacrilegeous nor blasphemous intentions or implications, I respectfully and humbly submit that it would have been better if it were “who will not lie” or “who will never lie”.  This implies that He is so powerful that He does not permit temptation to dictate His will.


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