Post for Sep 23-29 2012

TaN: Farting – or passing wind – is, in itself, good, but it is a bad omen.

Farting occurs only because there is air in the stomach – where there should be none.  Farting is good because it gets rid of the air in the stomach – otherwise it is very painful or uncomfortable, to say the least.  Ergo, it is mandatory that the air be expelled.

But, how does air get into the stomach?  There are only two types and two ways: odorless or malodorous and swallowing or fermentation.  Swallowing means that we wolf down or gulp our food, swallowing air along with the food.  This is normal for fast-eaters.  Farting, in this case, tend to be of the noisy type.  It is embarrassing but the good thing is it is usually odorless.  The solution is simple: chew your food slowly and well then swallow.

The malodorous type arises from fermentation – when the bacteria and micro-organisms in the stomach work on the food and creating methane, sulfur dioxide, and other foul-smelling compounds in the process.  The speed of eating is seldom relevant.  Most of the time, the predominant microbiome and the eating habit are the culprits.

Fermentation is an alternate process available to the body to ensure energy and nutrition is obtained by the body when the normal process (i.e., digestion) is not applicable or possible.  Primarily, microbes responsible for bad odor are of the unhealthy type and they go into action only when oxygen supply is in low supply – because fermentation usually (but not always) happen where oxygen is scarce.  Farting caused by this is easily remedied by restoring the microbiome in the stomach to what it should be – usually through probiotics.

The other possible cause of fermentation is eating sequence or habit.  Foods that are easiest to digest must be consumed first, followed by those take take more time, while the last should be those that are difficult to digest.  The easiest foods to digest are raw – like fruits and vegetables.  The toughest are heated (or over-cooked) foods and meat.

The reason for this sequence is because the easiest to digest leaves the stomach faster so, by the time the tougher ones arrive, the stomach is clear.  If the slower-to-digest are eaten first, they will still be in the stomach when the easy-to-digest foods arrive, causing not only a “traffic jam” but fermentation as well – because meats are processed differently from fruits and vegetables – thereby causing gases to be formed.  Remedy?  Change the sequence of eating foods.

TaN: There is no such “animal” as a self-made millionaire (or billionare, as the case may be) – unless s/he is a counterfeiter.

Without giving it much thought, we readily agree that an individual who started with modest wealth and was able to enrich him/herself tremendously by sweat, sheer determination, and hard work is said to be a “self-made millionaire/billionaire”.  However, if we stop to think about it, one does not get rich without people giving him money – either through purchasing or his/her wares, by investing in his/her business or proposals, or via entrusting and/or permitting him/her to manage our money.  In any case, the wealth of the rich comes from others.  In this sense, s/he cannot be said to be self-made; it is others who made him/her wealthy.  The only exception and the only true self-made (moneyed) indivdidual is a counterfeiter – i.e., s/he prints his/her own money.


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