Post for Sep 30-Oct 6 2012

TaN: Words must be defined and used properly to prevent misunderstandings and mis-interpretations.  Some terms appear to have multiple definitions but this is only because the very etymology is unknown or vague – like the term “stupidity”.

At one time, stupidity was defined (by no less than the eminent Albert Einstein) as a situation where the same solution is applied repeatedly to the same problem and expecting to obtain different results.  This is self-explanatory as only a fool would expect different results when everything else stays the same.  The only possibility that different outcomes result from the application of the same solution to the same problem is that there certain aspects of the problem and/or the solution that were not taken into account which would explain the disparity or discrepancy.

There are numerous occasions in history that illustrates it very clearly.  In the Philippines, one such instance is the protracted decades-long conflict in the southern second-largest island of Mindanao where the same politico-military solution is repeatedly and stupidly applied to an obvious economic problem and costing not only tons of money and mountains of resources but the irreplaceable lives – and there is no end in sight (because there is money to be made).  This will be up there among the top 10 all-time most stupid embarrassments of civilization.

This leads to the next Tidbits and Nuggets…

TaN: Another way of defining stupidity is mimicking or aping obviously inane actions or activities just because everybody else is doing it, especially if it is absolutely worthless or of no value whatsoever.  This would be the exemplification of the insulting adage, Monkey see, monkey do.  It also would – erroneously – give credence to the Darwinian concept of evolution which states that man evolved from apes or from a common ancestor of man and of apes.  An apt example would be the frequent spread of nonsensical crazes in videos where viewers feel “obligated” to copy as though misfortune will befall unless they imitate and propagate it.

To further concretize this with an example – as of this writing – is the video (and numerous variations sprouting later) featuring a bunch of people “dancing” (what looked more like jerking and going into epileptic seizures and mindlessly flailing arms and legs and shaking bodies) with no other purpose but merely to waste gullible people’s time and generate a fad.  [If I am not mistaken and I am risking a backlash from this: the Gangnam video.]

And, this leads to the final Tidbits and Nuggets…

TaN: Yet another possible definition of stupidity is people paying good hard-earned money for something that is entirely unnecessary or that should be for free.  A couple of examples are: sing-along or karaoke bars and music videos.

It does not make sense to pay for a service that we will be doing ourselves.  I would expect that if I put out money, I expect to be served and not serve myself.  That would just be giving or throwing away money and that would be plain stupid – getting nothing in return for something.

As for the music videos, music is meant to be listened to.  Watching it is not necessary – considering that music is intended for the ears and not for the eyes.  To have to watch it and even (again) pay good hard-earned money to go to a concert and be among other fools who are so far away from the stage one cannot even catch a glimpse of the people on stage and all the sweat and odors and other discomforting stuff – instead of watching the whole thing being broadcast in the comfort of your home.  Fans argue that the feeling of being at the scene of the “action” is different – and well worth all the money spent – but I still contend that it is not worth all the trouble and money.


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