Post for Nov 4-10 2012

TaN: Most – if not all – modern problems are caused by man on himself, for not adhering to the teachings of God in the Holy Scriptures.  Many of modern activities are in violation of the teachings in the Holy Scriptures and this complicates matters.  In fact, many of today’s professions and occupations would be non-existent had we just observed and practiced the teachings of God.

From the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not steal – principally no security guard and no security industry (like cctvs), no police, no locksmith, none of those that deter or resolve theft or robbery; Thou shalt not bear false witness – principally no lawyers and no business dealing with prognostication (like polygraphs), none of those that involve determining lies and falsehoods or in the deception industry (like public relations and advertising); and, the rest of the “Thou shalt not” of the Ten Commandments – principally no laws that pertain to their violations.

In addition, the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would others do unto you“, those in the Book of Proverbs, and all others interspersed within the Holy Scriptures govern our ethics, our social behavior – as well as our individual behavior and thoughts – are designed and intended to make life harmonious, productive, satisfying, enriching, and better.   They also protect and conserve the environment which redounds to our own interests and wellbeing.

Eating the proper foods at the right moment in the right manner ensures a healthy and disease-free life which – though not guaranteeing longevity, because we will never know the exact moment of our demise – will guarantee a good and peaceful death.

Consuming resources properly, responsibly and sustainably, ensures satisfaction of all our needs and will even effectively address our wants.

Above all, because it is in the best interest of everyone – both individually and communally – to use and share resources without considering, even for an inkling or a moment, the monetary or economic considerations…to do as other creatures do, which is to consume only what is needed and only at the moment it is needed.   As has been said, From each according to one’s abilities, to each according to one’s needs (not wants) – no more, no less.   The moment our need is satisfied, we stop.   To go beyond is gluttony, selfish, and greedy.

Nothing in this world or you can do can guarantee long life.   It is not only insanity but absolute inanity to think and believe that we can somehow lengthen our lifespan, because, unless and until one can determine with certainty the exact moment of our death and then survive beyond that appointed moment, one cannot say that one has lived longer.

In conclusion and especially for those who have ambitions or desires for longevity, strict observance of the teachings in the Holy Scriptures will guarantee that few, if any, will have abbreviated lifespans – 100 years old is too short in comparision to the ages of Biblical figures and pales in comparison to Methuselah (969 years).

TaN: A business venture or enterprise or a profession or an occupation that profits from or depends on the misfortunes and the misery of others cannot be relied upon to be ethical and to be concerned (and committed) to public interest and to humanity (in general).

It is foolish to believe that a business entity or an individual whose principal or even sole source of revenue or income is the detriment or bad things or events befalling others will be working for or endeavoring to prevent or heal their afflictions.   It does not make sense that a business entity or a professional be honestly and sincerely working to resolve or remove the very source of its income, thus eventually and consequently putting it/himself out of business.

To make one’s efforts at corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices and activities, the credibility or believability of their sincerity to be concerned with the welfare and benefit of others is greater and more probable when the nature of the business or the profession/occupation profits or gains only when goods and services provide continued good fortune and wellbeing of the consumer/customer – and not bad.

Unfortunately, a majority of the goods and the services that will satisfy such conditions and requirements are freely available or so common as to be unpatentable, unmonopolizable, un-isolatable, unrestrictable to any one business or any one individual – unless the consuming public can be hoodwinked into believing otherwise, such as water, as air, and as basic local traditionally grown foodstuff.

TaN: I just learned of an alleged old Chinese saying on health and medicine and it is supposed to go this way: An inferior physician cures; a superior physician prevents.   This means that a really good physician is able to foresee and ensure that his patient avoids becoming sick.   What he does is wait for his patient to be afflicted before acting.   He teaches the patient on how to avert sickness and disease.   And, this is directly related to the saying, An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.   It saves the patient-victim the misfortune and bad experience.


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