Post for Oct 28-Nov 3 2012

TaN: Aging is not a cause of health problems – only that time has elapsed.  If aging is the reason for hypertension, for obesity, for arthritis, for all the lifestyle diseases, then not only should all elderly people have one or two conditions but all of them.  In fact, there should be no elderly who are active and disease-free.

Medical conditions in old or advanced age is just a manifestation of incorrect lifestyles.  This is also the reason why not everyone has the same medical condition – because we make different and varying lifestyle choices which result in differing medical conditions.

Research on “blue zones” – areas or regions where people not only live longer but are relatively free of the so-called lifestyle diseases.  Find out what they have in common and, perhaps, it will reveal the secrets to healthy and longevity.

TaN: An article inside a broadsheet caught my eye regarding the need to find new sources of freshwater else we will be facing water shortage soon.  This is not only dangerous but outright irresponsible.  It must be remembered and understood that, although 70.8% to 71% of the planet surface is covered with water, 97.5% of all water is saltwater.  This means a mere 2.5% is freshwater, to be shared by most living things, especially the terrestials.

If that 2.5% were 100%, 70% (or 1.75% in absolute terms) of it is frozen in the major ice rehions of Antarctica and of Greenland, leaving only 30% (or 0.75% in absolute terms) in liquid form.  However, most of that 30% (or 0.75%) is inaccessible (to us) – as soil moisture and in deep aquifers.  The only freshwater that we can directly reach is ~ 0.007% – in lakes, in rivers, in shallow aquifers and water tables (i.e., shallow enough to be economically tapped), and in our surface water impounding areas.  This ~ 0.007% is said to be regularly renewed via the natural hydrologic cycle of rainfall and snowfall.

To encourage the exploration and search for new sources of freshwater is not the solution because, even at this miniscule quantity – in comparison to the saltwater – there is still more than enough to satisfy the needs of all dependents (i.e., not only human but including all animal and all plant life).  Our problem is not the scarcity of freshwater but the irresponsible usage.

Instead of using the conventional 4 glasses of water to wash a single glass, it is possible to use even just a third glass.  (I know because I am doing it.)  Our wasteful ways of water utilitization is not only horrific, it is downright obscene.  We should learn how to re-use water – like saving the bathwater to water plants or washing the car.  DO NOT USE CLEAN POTABLE WATER TO WASH A CAR MUCH LESS THE DRIVEWAY!

TaN: Doctrine of Resurrection is un-Biblical and nonsensical – even if you are not a Christian but as long as you are not aetheistic.  An article in today’s broadsheet caught my eye regarding the prohibition of cremation because (and I quote) “Many believe that burning the body will deny the departed soul of the Doctrine of Resurrection.” – (

What is in the Bible is (in 1 Corinthians 15:53, KJV): For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.  This means we will not need the “old body” because God will create a new one for us, one that is incorruptible.  The ones we have are corruptible, no matter how healthy and strong and disease-resistant it is.

I even read an argument that God will use our DNA to create a new body for us.  But it is said that this material body cannot enter heaven – heaven requires a spiritual body.  Even our DNA will not be needed.  God knows and remembers everything so He does not even require DNA to give us a new body, much less the tattered and disease-ridden body in the grave.

Imagine, if God created everything out of nothing, would not it be common sense that He will be able to create new ones, without any blueprint (i.e., DNA)?  Would it not be unfair to those who were incinerated or obliterated in a nuclear explosion or those completely consumed by fire, by other animals, or dissolved in a volcano (as in those who were sacrificed to the gods to appease their ire)?


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