Post for Nov 11-17 2012

TaN: From an episode of the television weekly program Fringe (a while ago): we acquire more knowledge than we acquire more wisdom.  The pace at which we gain knowledge is alarming.  It is alarming in the sense that it is unbridled and raw and, in the hands of irresponsible and opportunistic people, it is a very dangerous thing.  Knowledge without the temperance of wisdom and of morals is a double-bladed sword that can cut both ways.

The progress of acquiring knowledge today is logarithmic, fueled or boosted by technology.  Wisdom proceeds at a much slower pace because it comes from moral and emotional development.  It is said that Things of value take time.  This is the very first lesson taught by God in the Book of Genesis.  Why do you think someone so all-powerful needs six days to create everything?  He can do it in a snap of His finger and yet He chose to take six days – just like making diamonds.

We should be in such a rush.  In the end, we cannot take it with us anyway; everything will be left behind; and, everything will be incinerated at the End.  We should concentrate on those things that we can take with us – our good deeds, our righteous life, our salvation.

TaN: Call me a conspiracy theorist, an alarmist, a crazed nut-case but I am slowly beginning to see the image described in the Book of Revelations unfold and come into view – the Mark of the Beast.  In Revelations 13:17 [KJV], And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Today, people must have a Tax Account/Indentification Number, a Social Security Number, a credit card number, an automated teller machine number, a driver’s license (number), a passport (number), a company identification number, and so on.  For businesses and corporate entities, there is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) – which is not following its own standard because the sequence of its initials should be IOS, not ISO – and other various “voluntary” groupings of businesses and industries.  Also, in a way, there are also the IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights), the copyrights, and the patents, among others.

As for states and countries, there are the WTO (World Trade Organization), the UN (United Nations), the Codex Alimentarius (or Food Code), the G8, the WB (World Bank), the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and the various “underling” and associate agencies and treaty organizations.

All these represent the escalating dehumanization of man…the discarding of the principle of Man above all (Higit sa lahatTao).  This is the true significance of the Biblical passage regarding the Mark of the Beast.  It is not about receiving a microchip but about a voluntary acceptance of the restrictions and the removal of our rights, our freedoms, our will – to lose our identity, our individuality, our souls.

Just like what was mentioned by David Icke, in the past, people were controlled by monarchies (people were property) and by aristocrats.  However, since people were aware that they were not treated with respect, with dignity, they soon rebelled and revolted.

To ensure continued control over people, the privileged class devised a more subtle system with an even deadlier and tighter rein on the people – thus, the concept of democracy was introduced.  You see, there are fundamentally two types of people, according to intelligence – those who are critical thinkers and the average people.

People fight back when they are conscious that they are not free.  Because of this, it became necessary to develop two tactics to control the masses.  Somehow, to control people means they must not have rights and freedoms.

Critical thinkers are conscious and notoriously wary of their rights and their freedom and will, assuredly, react to attempts to violate and infringe upon them.  The trick to ensure control is to make them believe they are enjoying their rights and their freedoms – even if the reality is otherwise.  This is where the concept of democracy is most effective.  Let them believe they are free, that they have and can exercise their rights – like voting (even when their government act not in accordance to their wishes and even go against them, such as doing illegal warrantless surveillance and violate their privacy).  Let them mount public protests – which will amount to nothing because nothing will change.  In fact, public protests are even better for the powers-that-be will be able to identify leaders and potential “troublemakers”.

As for average people, the tactic is make them voluntarily cede or give up their rights and their freedoms – like voluntarily submitting themselves to body searches at ports (airports, seaports, etc) because it is necessary due to a perceived threat to public safety even though there has been no real threats or terror attacks since September 11 of 2001 and like willingly posting personal information on social media networks.

If people believe they are free – even if they are, in truth, not – they will not rise up; they will not demand for their rights and their freedoms.  They will even deceive themselves and justify the loss of rights and of freedoms because they are able to “enjoy” relative safety.  The continued and accelerating onslaught to dehumanize man (back) into property – read: Human Resource, we are now considered resources of Big Business and no longer treated as human beings – is proceeding as planned and scheduled.


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