Post for Nov 18-24 2012

TaN: Many of the so-called problems that beset us today require sophisticated technologically patented or copyrighted solutions only because people – especially the capitalist and the elite – want control and money.  In addition, there are even accompanying inherent “side effects or tradeoffs” that are frequently not free.

Take the case of car exhaust emission testers where an expensive device is used to determine the amount and the type of environmental pollutant spewed by an internal combustion engine (ICE).  Why waste scarce monetary resources on equipment purchased from First World countries when investing in dogs will not only do the same job more efficiently but more economically and we can “mass produce” at very cheap costs.  You see, if dogs can be trained to sniff out illegal chemicals (like drugs and like bombs) and even cancer, why can’t it be trained to sniff out pollutants.

And then there is the case of reproductive health, where expensive, dangerous, and patented contraceptives and birth control devices are bought from First World countries at prohibitive (in comparison to us) costs when a simple immersion of the testicles in warm (above 100 degree F) water for 45 minutes or longer can stop the production of sperm for as much as 4 months – see:  [Note: High temperatures could cause deformed sperms since no studies and trials have yet been conducted so be forewarned.]

How about the case of using sophisticated advanced equipment to scare away birds in airfields – especially along the runway – which are very expensive and are patented or protected by law against reproduction, when using trained birds of prey (i.e., raptors, like hawks) to keep birds away.

There are more possibilities and alternatives and one simply has to use one’s imagination (and an intention to help and share freely with everyone) and all that nature provides for free.  Not everything should be about (the love of) money.  It is true that money is important, but it is not the most important.  And, more often than not, IT IS NOT.

TaN: All legislation that favor a particular segment of society – no matter how noble or good-intentioned or apparently necessary – are prejudicial, discriminatory, and unethical.  Legislation should be applicable to all and not confined or restricted to a particular segment of society or citizenry, otherwise it will be – for all practical intents and purposes – designed to “target” (i.e., benefit or disenfranchise) only a specific group of individuals.

The proper way of crafting a law should be applicable to all – of course, due to certain differences that are obvious and unresolvable, there will be special considerations and accommodations that will be needed.  For instance, toilet facilities for male and for female, special access ramps and right of ways for those ambulatorily handicapped or disabled, and Braille for the sight impaired.

There should be no such laws favoring women and children (like the law against women and children) over men – with respect to treatments such as abuse and violence.  Doing so will unfairly tilt the treatment against men.  What about (henpecked) men who are maltreated by their wives?  Whenever possible, no undue advantage (with respect to treatment) should be enacted favoring one segment to the detriment – intentionally or not – of others.  The law should cover form of maltreatment – be it physical, emotional, psychological, financial, etc – for all people, otherwise it would violate a fundamental right to equal treatment (before the law).


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