Post for Dec 2-8 2012

TaN: I see no need for having same-sex marriages.  For all intents and purposes, there seems to be no fundamental or essential difference between a marriage contract and a regular contract.  The important thing is that both are binding.  I do not see why the terms and conditions in a marriage contract cannot be put into a regular contract.

Why can we not specify in a regular contract that it shall be identical to that of a marriage contract for all intents and purposes – just don’t call it a marriage contract.  The only significant difference between a marriage contract and a regular one should be that the contracting parties – in the marriage contract – should be of opposite genders (while a regular contract is not restricted to opposite genders).

I just cannot understand why it is so important that two people insist that they be married – that they undergo the rites, the piece of paper, and all the what-have-yous.  Personally, I think it is enough that two people observe all the practices in a marriage; everything else are just trimmings.

If you argue that there should be some sort of security against dissolution, against difficulties, and against possible problems that arise later, then you should not be married.  Marriage is forever – as the last segment of the (sacred, if you really and sincerely regard it as sacred) vow…till death do us part.  There is nothing in the vows that mentions “till divorce or annulment or whatever do us part”.

Getting into marriage only to separate for something as flimsy as incompatibility, as deception, as anything that can be dreamt of is making a mockery of marriage.  People should not get into marriage unless they are certain – as in “without any shadow of a doubt” – they will stick to each other no matter what.  For what is “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”?

Let us stop all these inanities regarding marriage and be mature and responsible about it.  Let us stop acting like children.  Let us all stop acting like fools.  Take responsibility, take a stand, be a grown-up.  To quote: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

TaN: I quote: Happiness is a choice – my choice, I choose to be happy.  Not only is this true, it is the only way to ensure genuine and lasting happiness.

If we rely on external factors or reasons for our happiness, once the factors or reasons vanish or loose their appeal or their significance, we are no longer happy.  However, if we honestly and sincerely choose to be happy – no matter what – we will always be happy.  And, the secret is contentment or deciding (and sticking to the decision) to be truly happy.  This is called bliss.

Many people hop from one “happiness” to another, constantly and ever-seeking to find true happiness when it has been said that “One cannot find outside what is inside.”  We keep on searching for externalities to satisfy our desire for happiness when, all the while, it is within us.  No wonder we cannot find it.


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