Post for Dec 23-29 2012

TaN: Saying grace and meaning it.  This came to me because, at a celebration, I noticed that a plate was left half-filled with (untouched) food.  The owner/eater has left.

It made me realize that many are guilty of the same “practice”.  We say grace before our meals, thanking the Almighty for the food laid before us and we show our appreciation and gratitude by leaving good food (still “undisturbed”) behind (on our plate) to be discarded or relegated to the trash bin.

How would you feel if, after tahnking you for your wonderful gift, you see the gift (still in pristine condition) just lying around, probably on the floor or (even worse) on the trash bin.  Would you not feel insulted?  Is this how we repay the kindness and generosity of our Creator – discarding the precious gift He provided us which we even prayed to thank Him for?

Unless there is something wrong with the food, we should not even waste a tiny bit…down to the last rice grain or bread crumb.

TaN: WW III has long commenced and the world is at mid point in the process of consolidation into a One World Conglomerate.  Although the third global war has long started, its “formal inauguration” started on September 11, 2001 with the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.  It is a world war because then-President George Walker Bush Jr “declared” it as a “global war on terrorism”.  Aside from the obvious term “global”, a war on terrorism recognizes no boundaries – political, geographical/phusical or otherwise.  The United States of America has taken upon itself the task of going after terrorists and terrorism in all its form, defining terrorism and a terrorist in any way it sees or deems fit so as to suit its needs and agenda.

In order to “consolidate” the world it must be “manageable” and non-chaotic.  The biggest obstacle is a large population – i.e., too large to control effectively.  You see, the more people, the more “variables” of uncertainty.  “Uncertainty” because one cannot guarantee that every individual will behave in the precise manner that you want them to behave and it will take a huge armed force to ensure that there will be no truants and recalcitrants who will “rock the boat” – to keep them in check.  To ensure everything (and every person) will “behave” and obey, the “uncertainties” must be minimized, if not altogether eliminated.

To this end, it become necessary to cull the population to a more manageable size.  It is easier to keep tabs on each individual if there are less of them.  To achieve this, it is essential to devise different ways and means towards this end.  Some of the (devious and) subtle ways are: declaring a global war on terrorism and on terrorist (which justifies our random and rampant killing of large groups of people), “programming” (via medication and various mind-altering techniques) “patients” and victims to commit massacres and mass murders/shootings (then committing suicide, to “tie up loose ends” – shades of MKULTRA, of the Manchurian Candidate project, of the military’s super soldier program, and of mind control or behavior alteration), and fomenting animosity and distrust, economic disparity, and social unrest (such as the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street, the outrageous solution of more guns to prevent more Columbine+Virginia Tech+Fort Hood+Denver “Batman”+Sikh Temple+Newton trgedies, and the like).

In addition, there are the “covert” strategies of “convincing” people to voluntarily “commit slow suicide or slow euthanasia”, via fluoridation, via vaccination (especially people lining up with their children for their MMR and for themselves for their seasonal flu shots), via pharmaceuticals (like warfarin or the former rat poison), and via canola, GMO corn oil, and GMO soy oil (with reports of animals refusing feeds contaning rapeseed/canola oil).  According to the article “Louis Pasteur Recants His Germ Theory” (, the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur was admitted by no less than Pasteur himself to be incorrect and that the Terrain/Milieu Theory of Claude Bernard – from Aintoine Bechamp’s Cellular Theory – was correct all along.  And, the whole idea of vaccination is rooted on Pasteur’s Germ Theory – that germs cause diseases and sickness.

Integral to the agenda are: [a] control of all means of production – including rights (like IPR, copyright, patents), land (like the current global land grabbing in the Third World), etc; [b] immunity from suit – as in the immunity (from prosecution and from suit of) Big Pharma enjoys in the USA when people are harmed or die caused (even) by proper use of their chemicals; [c] corporations being considered (artificial) “people or personalities” and enjoying all the rights and privileges as people but without the corresponding responsibilities, liabilities, and consequences arising from improper or irresponsible practice or availment (I have yet to see a corporation being sent to jail for harming an individual); using government and super state agencies (like the WTO, the IMF-WB, the etc) to enforce policies and agenda to further then control and profitability of corporate interests – like population management (compulsory depopulation under the guise of poverty and of hunger mitigation but selling birth control devices, contraceptives, and abortifacients), like immunization (mass vaccination under the guise of universal health care and “encouraging” governments to stockpile (dangerous but ineffective) vaccines that will expire before they can be put to use), and like pushing carbon trading (Big Business buying the rights of impoverished and struggling peoples and IPs – indigenous peoples – “to pollute the environment” so they can continue their polluting activities without being held accountable or liable while global warming and climate change continue to impact everything and everybody and causing rise in both global surface temperature and global sea level); and, [d] increase in military spending and in war exercises between and among countries (despite having no major terroristic events since 911 unless we consider the ones deliberately started and inflicted on uncooperative countries and governments (like Iraq, like Afghanistan, like Pakistan, like Syria, like Yemen) to better prepare to quell and quash any prospective and potential uprisings in the future when the global domination is finally and openly imposed and put in place simultaneously globally (may I refer you to the video by David Icke “New World Order, Politics, Spirituality, Foods, GMO, Energy, Chi, Tyranny”:


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