Post for Jan 20-26 2013

TaN: It is the act, not the person.  In most cases where there is bad news about someone, it is not uncommon to have family members and friends comment that the person/s concerned is a good person.  Friends and relatives usually quick to come to the defense of the “suspect or accused” with statements of praise of how good the person is.

People fail to realize and understand that the issue is not the person’s character but the action or deed.  Regardless of how good or kind a person may be – even to strangers – the issue is “Was the deed right, was it moral, was it good?”  This knee-jerk reaction is not wrong nor is it bad but borne of a natural and expected emotional response.  After the emotional moment has run its course, people must accept the issue and let due process take over – just be wary and guard against injustices and violations of the suspect or accused rights.

TaN: The song “Sound of Silence” by Paul Simon and by Art Garfunkel is quite symbolically prophetic.  This is the world today – has been for quite some time now – and will continue to get more silent into the future.  The “silence” is the apathy of people.  It is what is and will destroy man – not greed – just as in the expression, All that it takes for evil to win is for all good men to do nothing.

The “neon light” is the Truth and the “sign flashed out its warning” is the Truth’s attempt to break the apathy and open the minds and hearts to forestall the impending consequences of apathy, while the “night” are the lies and deception.

Today, “People talking without speaking” shows that the words coming out of our mouths are empty and have no worth (merely parroting or echoing without any substance or enlightenment) – experts and endorsers relaying hollow sounds that resemble words, whereas “People hearing without listening” complements how the empty words are received by the ears but do not rouse people from their lethargic stupor and inspire people to break out of their apathy.

People writing songs that voices never share” depict both disunity or confusion and misunderstanding or incomprehension.  The meanings or significance of the words are lost.  People come together but have no worthwhile purpose.  Many of today’s written words are void of substance, of anything worth repeating and perpetuating, but full of propaganda and empty rhetoric.  Others are restrictive – i.e., copyrights and IPRs (intellectual property rights) and trade secrets – and are not to be shared except with those who are “privileged”.

Wells of silence” are the hearts of apathy, the barren hearts devoid of emotions, of compassion, of empathy.  Words of meaning are lost and drowned in the abyss of apathetic hearts.

And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made” are the “idols and icons” that we put on pedestals and on altars to revere and to worship as the miracles and marvels of technology and of man’s ingenuity that rivals or even surpasses the Creator.  Today, among the more prominent of mantras is “Technology can solve all problems” – especially and specifically the computer.  Everywhere, you see the vestiges and the metastasization of its cancer.  It is into everything – from the tiniest nano devices to the gargantuan complexes (such as the Utah Data Center).  It monitors and controls practically all aspects of man’s life – the mobile devices, the home appliances, the office and factory equipment, in transporation and in navigation, in medicine, in media and in telecommunication, in industry.  You name it, the computer is in it.

Subway walls and tenement halls” are what are left of the bastions of free speech and freedom of expression that people, in our daily mad and mindless rush to “work”, pass by without so much as a glance or peek as to what dire warning is desperately but bleakly being scribbled as a last ditch effort to alert people of what is happening to our world, our lives.  We have become zombies, sustained by the minimally nutritive food – just enough to keep us alive not to healthy enough to wake up to the reality that is all around us (The Matrix) – and kept alive for as long as we are productive and serve the purpose of the powers-that-be (Big Business, the New World Order, the Power Elite, those who have been called in the Holy Scriptures as Legion) and its minions, quislings, toadies, and armies that put the rest of us in our places – servants to their whims and caprices.

The impending global holocaust – the combined cataclysms of extreme weather and of unstoppable epidemics and plagues arising from climate change, of epidemics and of pestilence arising from malnutrition and from ill-informed lifestyle choices, of social isolation and of elitism even though physically in the midst of crowds arising from fear, from apathy, from distrust, from spite, from false pride, from ego, and of a host of other divisive and isolating mindsets – are (in the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures) not the end that people are anticipating but only the beginning.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


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