Post for Feb 10-16 2013 (updated Feb 14, in maroon italics)

TaN: First and foremost, a very Happy 4712th New (Black Water) Snake Year to all!  Kiong Hee Huat Chai (Amoy or Fookien) // Kung See Fa Tsai (Mandarin) // Kung Hei Fa Choi (Cantonese, I think)!

The Spring Festival of the Chinese begins on the 1st day of the first lunar month and continues to the full moon (or the 15th).  Each day has a special significance and it lays out the order of importance in/to the Chinese culture.  [Don’t know how accurate but this URL –– is somewhat what I mean.]

TaN: We have been indoctrinated – or, to put it bluntly, brainwashed – by consumerism capitalism and Big Business that technology is the key to a better life (i.e., to progress, to development, to health, to the good life).  This would be true if it were not for the notion that has been drummed into our mind that technology is in terms of inventions and of machines.

In truth, technology is technique.  It does not necessarily mean machines and other material devices (like pharmaceuticals and like artificial fertilizers).  However, conventional mindset – probably due to the length of and the repetitive exposure to continuous “indoctrination” and devious “propaganda” of western thought (read: capitalist consumerism) – equates technology with machines, with devices, with gadgetry, and with intricate consumer products where patents and intellectual property rights can be applied to ensure that no one else can (at least, no one that they do not want to) share with their monopoly.

In must be realized and understood that the key is to use one’s intelligence.  There are countless ways to accomplish tasks and produce results without the use of machines and gadgetry.  All it takes is imagination.  With imagination, nothing is impossible.  People with no imagination cannot solve problems.

The biggest problems of people in the Third World are (1) that labor is cheap while capital and materials are expensive (which severely limits their ability to do experimentations to come up with innovations to improve their quality of life) and (2) that they have been made to believe that it takes capital and restrictive patents and IPRs to have better lives.

This “bondage” – this kind of thinking – must be broken for it perpetuates poverty in the Third World.  Moreover, it is also slowly “creeping” to the First World or inductrialized countries – due to a hidden agenda of total world domination or control and of keeping the reins of power within a selected cabal.

TaN: In the way it is configured, there is neither incentive nor reward for Big Pharma and conventional medical doctors to find a cure or to want their patients to be healthy because there is no money in it.  Think about it.  Unless it is for philanthropy or altruism, it does not make sense that a profession or an industry whose income or revenue depends (entirely) on people being diseased to exert any effort to cure diseases.

As has been repeated ad nauseam by many (natural health practitioners and advocates), it does not make sense that someone who relies on you being sick for their livelihood or for their profit to be sincerely and genuinely concerned with your well being.  The moment people know how to take care of themselves (and stay disease free), not only will they no longer earn, they will be redundant, unnecessary, and meaningless or irrelevant.

An interesting practice in ancient China (from is to have the village physician supported by the entire community – i.e., all his needs are taken cared of, as in dwelling, food, clothing, etc.  The physician becomes encouraged to keep the community healthy because, if they become sick, he gets nothing.

The first point of argument here would be that it is not practical for large populations – unless the population is properly and clearly segmentized so that each physician knows who are his/her charges.

Second, community “health” would cover mostly epidemics and communicable diseases as well as infectious ones.  In instances of isolated or individual cases, compensation could present a problem as it would not be practical to deduct food – since housing and clothing cannot be “deducted” (unless we deduct a sleeve, a pant leg, a window, a chair, a lamp, or a portion of clothing or of the house).

Finally, what if there are diseases the physician is incapable of handling – like exotic diseases from immigrants or transients?

Anyway, it is a good idea to mull over and discuss.  Perhaps with fresh ideas that may address the above concerns or even inspire entirely different ideas.  Think about it.


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