Post for Feb 3-9 2013

TaN: The whole idea of GMO labeling is transparency and let consumers decide – instead of Big Business deciding for us what is good for us.  The consumer must be left to his decision whether to make a purchase or not, but must be provided with all the pertinent and essential information to make an informed choice.  To do otherwise is to deprive and violate the fundamental right to be informed and of free choice.

As in the problem of the “free market”, it is seldom a “fair market”, especially with it is left in the hands of Big Business and Big Corporation.  Unless it is a B corporation, there is very little fairness and justice that can be expected whenever Big Business is left to itself and in control.  In fact, according to an article in NaturalNews dated Jan 30, 2013 “States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms” ( – in all probability, under the insistence or urging of Big Business, specifically, Big Ag – there are now attempts to undermine transparency and accountability movements and advocacies by making it an “act of terrorism” to reveal or divulge obscenely cruel and inhumanely barbaric industry practices in the treatment of food animals (both living conditions and during slaughter).  Furthermore, it is beyond imagination how people can be so vicious in their treatment of defenseless food animals.

Anyway, getting back on topic, Big Food’s ideal consumer is a zombie who mindlessly purchase any and all their junk products without the slightest concern for what is being eaten.  Just give them money and eat their products, no questions asked.  Their ideal consumer is one who never reads label or the ingredients list, who buys at face value and trusts Big Food absolutely, and who swallows everything that Big Food tells them.  When this happens, there will be no need to label the ingredients in our food because consumers will sheepishly purchase and eat them without hesitation, in a way “sight unseen”.  This is whole issue in the GMO labeling issue.

The only reason why Big Food is so against GMO labeling is because their sales will plummet – never mind that the consumer will suffer and be stricken with some sort of horrible disease and his health will fail.  What is important is that profits must be maintained or, better still, increase.

Finally, if Big Food’s argument against labeling is that there is no difference between what is natural and their patented product so labeling would be redundant, how then can Big Food, the usual patent holder, differentiate between their product and natural ones?  Aside from depriving and violating the consumer’s right to (relevant) information to ensure that the right to choose is respected and exercised according to the true wishes of the consumer, Big Food (and Big Business) likewise deprive consumers of their rights to liberty and to autonomy – to do as they please and to live their lives as they please.  The clincher is that Big Business is able to cajole Big Government into its agenda – control of wealth, control of resources, control of lives, control of thoughts.  In short, total domination and total dominion over others – not belonging in their “elite circle or club”, the uber rich.

TaN: One way to settle the issue on “exactly” when life begins is when we consider that life has ended.  Normally, when the heart stops beating, life is said to have ended.  In this manner, one argument for determining when life begins is when the heart starts to beat.  [Note: I am not saying that this is the only argument nor the main argument, just that this is one possible remedy to the question or issue of when we may consider that something is alive.]

However, to continue the argument, even before the beating of the heart, at the moment of sperm unites with the egg, the egg stops being part of the woman’s body but becomes a separate and distinct entity because its genetic configuration is no longer what it once was.  Technically, it is now an “alien” and it will be recognized as a foreign body and may be prone to attack.  It is for this reason the fertilized egg eventually – because it may still be too small to be detected by the mother’s body defenses – develop a “protection” (the placenta).

Moreover, as written in the Holy Scriptures, in cases where the law is flawed or inadequate, it is vital that we follow the spirit of the law (rather than the letter of the law), for “the spirit of the law gives life whereas the letter of the law brings only death”.  Let us stop being so technical, so philosophical, so literal, so narrow-minded as to interpret the law only through its wordings and not the rationale/purpose for its existence/enactment.


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